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Excitement abounds when you read a Shelby Nichols books and this one has several. As usual I readed it in one reading. Shelby loves riding behind Ramos on his motorcycle. Shelby forgot to buy carrots and went she went to … Continue reading

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DEEP IN DEATH By Colleen Helme

Another funny fast reading Shelby Nichols paranormal mystery. Shelby has recovered from the gunshot wound. On her first day back she is hired to find Tiffany Shaw’s mother who has been missing for 6 years. Shelby stops by the police … Continue reading

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I forgot how good this series until started reading it again. Shelby is home from Orlando and Uncle Joey wants her see the PI who was working for him. She arrives at Sam Killburn’s office she finds,him dead and under … Continue reading

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MUSSELED OUT By Barbara Ross

Events in Busman Harbor Maine are winding down as the town gets ready for winter. Julia Snowdon meets a new competitor on the dock who tells that Family Clambake won’t last a year. Julia heads to the island to think … Continue reading

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A series of fires are occurring on the Mackinac Island and the last one explodes the fireworks for the 3 Fourth July nights killing the technician. Allie is in charge of the hows so must find replacements while she is … Continue reading

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ANTIQUES SWAP By Beverly Allen

Brandy and Vivian are at it again in this funny cozy mystery. They are at swap met when Brandy encounter Wes Slinclar. Shortly after his wife appears and accuses them of having an affair. Later in the day Vanessa is … Continue reading

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BACK IN THE HABIT By Alice Loweecey

Giulia enters the Motherhouse of Franciscan community to explore the conditions that cause a Novice to commit suicide. There is excitement as the Nuns prepare to celebrate the joining of the 3 communities on Saint Francis Day. Giulia is not … Continue reading

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The first in this series and new author for me. I had little trouble getting into the story at first but characters started grow on me as they well developed especially Elizabeth. In Cayboo Creek, South Carolina a dollar is … Continue reading

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PLAY DEAD By David Rosenfelt

Andy Carpenter is visiting an animal shelter to pick up dogs for his foundation when he learns of Golden Retriever, Yogi on death row. He comes up with creative defense and saves the Yogi. Later he learns the dog is … Continue reading

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Much information on my mother’s family has been lost. It is my understanding that a Joseph Guay to United States from Quebec, Canada. The Guay originated in Southern France. They were Presbyterian and arrive in Canada about the time of … Continue reading

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