GEORGE GUAY-0487Much information on my mother’s family has been lost. It is my understanding that a Joseph Guay to United States from Quebec, Canada. The Guay originated in Southern France. They were Presbyterian and arrive in Canada about the time of the Mayflower. They settled in the Quebec area. A Joseph Guay left his family and settled in Green Bay, Wisconsin at a later date. I have no other information about him.


George Guay met Della Rosa Brusaw and married her in Marionette Wisconsin in 1886 or 7. Della was Catholic and was married wihout her family blessings.  They had 3 children before going west to Idaho in 1903. Aunt Georgia was a baby. They travel with his brothers John and Joseph and sister Josephine Pierce’s famlies.

ATLANTAThey homestead in the Fall Creek area. Each family had a homestead making 4 plots.  My Mother, Gladys was borne on the homestead followed by Lawrence, George(Deb), and Myrtle.


They men spent 3 years cutting the timber off the homesteads stacking it on one of the homesteads. On the 3rd spring they felt the conditions were right. They floated the logs down Guay Creek, Fall Creek and South Fork of Boise River to a mill in Barber, Idaho. The logs were secured in the log boom and they received their pay and went to Boise to celebrate. That night one of the worst storms occurred in the valley and the log boom broke and all that timber floated down the Boise, Snake and some it reached the Pacific ocean. The disaster bankrupted the mill and Boise Cascade took over what was left.


After the lumber drive and titles to the homesteads received. Joseph and John moved their families to Boise. Aunt Josephine’s family moved Prairie, Idaho. My Grandparents moved to Rocky Bar. My Grandfather carried the mail on his back between Rocky Bar and Atlanta, Idaho. On one of his trips returning from Atlanta found woman near death in the snow. Mother would tell us that is were he found Peg Leg Annie.


In 1921 on one his trips he stopped at the traven for refreshment. He was shot and left to bled to death. George was very popular and the shooter was the mine owner and was unlike. The murder became a political matter. The Democrats taking my Grandfather side and the Republicans the mine owner side. All parties were drunk.  Mother was 13 at the time and was called testify at both trails. The mine owner was tried for manslaughter and the jury found him guilty of first degree murder.  This cause a mistrial and he was released. ( good basis for a mystery). There is story the mine owner came Grandmother said he was sorry and couldn’t get George’s face out of his mind. He was going to make it right. A week later he was dead.


After this event Grandmother Guay took the family back to Green Bay. This picture must be a school picture with girls. Aunt Georgia and mother became very ill and doctors told Grandmother Guay they would died unless they return to Idaho. So the family came home.  Granmother make her way by cooking for others with help from Great Uncle Joseph.

This picture is of my Mother’s family about 1970. Aunt Myrtle was not present.

Guay Family

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  1. This is a wonderful colourful piece depicting life in early 19 the century congratulations on such wonderful article thanks for sharing this . Hope you are keeping well , love to read your articles happy days.

  2. Ray Brooks says:

    Hi: I enjoyed your family history, however you write: “My Grandfather carried the mail on his back between Rocky Bar and Atlantic, Idaho. On one of his trips returning from Atlantic” That would be Atlanta, which is north of Rocky Bar on the Middle Fork Boise River. In my considerable Idaho history knowledge, there is no Atlantic Idaho. Best Wishes, Ray brooks

  3. That is a great story. My boyfriends family was from Oregon. His great great grandfather started the Oregon Forestry Department. Elliot State Forest was named after him. They have a long history too. My family, not so much and now most of the people on my mother’s side have died and on my dad’s side I don’t have all the connections.

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