Welcome, come inside and select your drink. There is coffee, several kinds of tea, and chocolate milk. lots BAKED some spice cupcake for us to munch on. It is warm enough to sit out on the patio to watch the parking area. This week we had a lot of rain. In Thursday a major Pacfic storm passed through the area. It brought, rain (1.4 inches), strong winds and even snowflakes. The temperature has dropped into The 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit range.   The Boise River is flooding though greenbelt. Because of a lot of snow melt it has been necessary to release more water. Growing up I remember the floods along the river ever spring.

Above is group of raptors. The first and last pictures are of red-tail hawk. The next is an unknown, a  sharp shinned hawk and a kestrel.

Yesterday evening, I was surprised to see the spring flowering pear trees almost open in one day. The grass is green all round and the birds are mating. A goldfish was sighted this morning.

No doctor’s appointments this week and it was a good relaxing week. I still have pains of old age, but I am much better than I was. I spent the time catching up on things I wanted to do. Bob and Kato are also showing signs of aging.



I will be putting my April 1 books released today in my site later today. 

April 4 LAST CHANCE OLIVE  by Susan Wittig Albert

SOUTHERN FRIED by Tonya Knapps

IF NOT FOR YOU by Debbie Macomber

FALSE PICTURE by Veronica Heley

April 8 CALLED TO JUSTICE by Edith Maxwell

FALSE STEP by Veronica Heley 

FALSE PRETENCES by Veronica Heley


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About bettylouise31 Member of NetGalley and Edelweiss Senior Citizen and been reading and sharing my thoughts on books most of my life. I read for my pleasure. I have been married for over 60 years. We have a Bengal Cat, Kato. Interests include reading, dogs, cats, gardening, knitting, crocheting. I have a strong interest in North American native plants. A word on my reviews. Books review are from my public library, brought, many from Netgalley, a few from Edelweiss, occasionally from an author or from friends. The opinions are my own. I represent no publisher, author or any other source​. My reviews can be found on Amazon, Tumblr, Goodreads, Google+, and Twitter. I have no Facebook account. Thanks for reading my blog.
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24 Responses to COFFEE/TEA SHARE – APRIL 1, 2017

  1. trentpmcd says:

    I’m ready for temperatures in the 50 or 60 degree range πŸ˜‰ Sounds like you had a relatively pleasant week. I hope next week is good.

  2. Tara says:

    Nice photos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lizl says:

    It has been such a long time since I read a China Bayles book. Seeing your mention of one reminds me that I should find out which of her books I have missed over the past year or so. Thanks!

  4. Love all your photos Betty. Was there a racoon in one of them? If not what is it? Glad you had a nice relaxing week. It is good to get them every so often. Hope this week is good too. Ageing is a pain but there is nothing you can do about it so enjoy it as best you can. Hugs

  5. Pamela Morse says:

    As usual your nature shots are really wonderful. I like to visit your part of our world without going there. Regular wild kingdom updates give us a great sense of your life.

  6. lghiggins says:

    All of your pictures are great as is your knowledge of the plants and animals. I join Irene in wanting to know the mystery animal. It doesn’t look quite like a coon but the hair seems too long for a possum. What is the critter? I am glad you have had a better week. May you have many more really good ones as the weather turns to spring.

    • I am lucky I had the opportunity to learn about nature. My BS is in Zoology and Medical technology. My plant knowledge is from Master Gardeners classes. I took them ever chance I got. The picture is a porcupine.

      • lghiggins says:

        Mystery solved and your background knowledge shows in your blog. I bet you have used information from both fields all your life. I have never regretted time spent on learning anything, even if I didn’t use it in a practical sense.

  7. DailyMusings says:

    love all those raptors- glad to hear you are feeling well and the temps will hopefully warm up! have a good week!

  8. Maggie C says:

    Love your photos! That’s quite the tail on that fox! Hope you have a great week.

  9. amiewrites74 says:

    Lovely photos as usual. I’m glad you had a relaxing week and I hope this one is the same.

  10. Dale says:

    What fantastic photos, Betty Louise! Love them. So very happy you had a pretty good week too!.
    Hope the next one is even more so!

  11. Kathleen Howell says:

    Glad to hear spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. Hope your week improves!

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