One of my favorite authors is Ellery Queen. This a pen name for two cousins, Daniel Nathan and Manford Kepofsky. The writings cover 42 years. I have read the books several times but it has been awhile since I read his books. I want to read them again.
Ellery is a noted mystery writer. His father is an NYPD homicide inspector. Ellery often joins his father’cases. His books are noted for a major twist or surprise ending.
CALAMITY Town is set in 1940 just as American is emerging from the depression. Ellery is looking for a town to learn about American habits for his next book. He selected Wrightsville. After his arrival, he rents a small house next to the manor house. It was built for daughter, Nora as a wedding gift. On the eve of her marriage, the groom disappeared. Later a sale went ended with the death of buyer. The house has been vacant as it is known as Calamity house. Ellery rents and becomes friend with the first family, Wrights. The father is the prominent banker, the Mother is leading socialite, the three daughters are Lola, the town’s scandal, Nora the town’s recluse and Patricia, the town’s beauty. Did Jim, More’s husband try to poison her New Years Eve? All events of the evening point to him. The ending will surprise you.
This book is written in a completely different format and might be hard to understand. I highly recommend the book and series.

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3 Responses to CALAMITY TOWN By Ellery Queen

  1. bmary8222 says:

    Glad you refound this series.

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