I have enjoy watching birds for most of .I life. When I saw this book I immediately wanted to read it. It now the 8th in the series. I will read it.

BOOK # 8




Derek flipped rapidly through the pages of A Field Guide to the Birds of the Carolinas. “What did you say was the name of that bird we saw earlier, Amy?”

I sipped and set my beer mug on the side table. “Which bird?” The scent of pepperoni and hops hung in the air.

We had gone on a late afternoon bird stroll near Ruby Lake and along Lake Shore Drive, the town’s main thoroughfare. Near sunset, we ended our walk at Brewer’s Biergarten, which was next door to my own shop, Birds & Bees. Both businesses are located on Lake Shore Drive.


BOOK # 1


A new author for me and the first book in the Bird Lovers series. I found a will written cosy mystery. The characters are well developed, bird information factual and an original mystery that held my attention. Amy Simms and others have purchased an old run down Victorian house to open a store selling birds and bees supplies. The grand opening is scheduled for the weekend. Amy returning from purchasing supplies for the store finds the body of a stranger in a darkened room. She picks up the murder weapon before finding the body. Amy is stunned to find the Police Chief and old schoolmate. He immediately takes her to the station for questioning. Her Mother hires an attorney for her. This tale is full of changes and the ending is a surprise. I am looking forward to the next book.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from Kensington Books through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

BOOK # 7 


This series keeps getting better with each book and #7 continued in the same vein. It is essentially a lock room story as Amy and Kim are snowbound with a group of strangers and several of them are found murder. Amy ex-boyfriend asked her to have dinner with and his fiancee telling her there are ducks nearby his isolated house that appears ill. Amy and Kim accepted to check out the ducks. While at dinner an unexpected snow storm beginning stranding the group for a couple of days. The first night one of the group is stabbed to death and a woman disappears. Beware of the Duck Decoys that are in every room. There is a major twist in the book.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and series. It has become a must-read story.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Lyrical Underground for a review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.

BOOK # 2


In the second book of Bird Lover’s mystery the information on birds accurate and interesting. A decent story of family life.  I had difficulty in reading it as there are so many actions that broke off the thread of the narrative. Amy Simms is acting in a play at the local theater known a TOTS. Problems hassled the production until-until there is a death. Amy still has difficulties with the planning commission and her ex-boyfriend is a partner to the owner of a new store moving next door. Children leave a bird with a damaged wing for her to care for it. Her cousin Rhonda is a person of interest in the murder. Amy wants to solve the murder to clear her cousin, will she do it? I recommend this book.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from Lyrical Underground for an honest review. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

About bettylouise31 Member of NetGalley and Edelweiss Senior Citizen and been reading and sharing my thoughts on books most of my life. I read for my pleasure. I have been married for over 60 years. We had a Bengal Cat, Kato who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Interests include reading, dogs, cats, gardening, knitting, crocheting. I have a strong interest in North American native plants. A word on my reviews. I am writing very.Books review are from my public library, brought, many from Netgalley, a few from Edelweiss, occasionally from an author or from friends. The opinions are my own. I represent no publisher, author or any other source​. My reviews can be found on. Tumblr, Goodreads, Google+, and Twitter. I have no Facebook account. Thanks for reading my blog.
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  1. JR Ripley says:

    Wow, I don’t know what to say…except THANK YOU!

  2. carhicks says:

    This is a series that I have not gotten around to reading. I should probably check it out after reading this post.

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