My Paternal Grandmother Katherine Burns Hanford


Katherine Burns Hanford

I remember my Grandmother Hanford as a kind caring women as she pass through 98 years of life. She believe strongly on education and saw that her children and grandchildren had an education of their choice. Grandmother Hanford was born on April 4, 1882 in Greeley, Weld, Colorado, education in Washington receiving her BA from Central Washington College at the age 69. She taught 1st grade in Selah, Washington until she was 80 years. In 1944 she married Edwin Roy Hanford and with his family came to Idaho to homestead near Hill City. Later the family moved to Boise. My father Earl Mark Hanford was born on the homestead. I remember my Grandmother with love and very thankful for all the help she gave us.

Below are pictures of her family and scenes from the area where the homesteads were located.

Married Spokane November 19, 1906
The Mother Line
Homestead on the Camas Prairie
Field of Camas plants
Looking at Soldier Mountain

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11 Responses to My Paternal Grandmother Katherine Burns Hanford

  1. Nancy says:

    What a beautiful tribute…

  2. Wow! So lovely Betty!🤗💜

  3. Rich Young says:

    Thank you for these precious photos from the life of my maternal Grandmother, Katherine Burns Hanford. She is a favorite relative, an inspiration to the rest of us!

  4. Rich Young says:

    Note that the marriage photo states that She and Grandfather, Edwin were married in 1906, which makes much more sense than the paragraph above. My mother, their daughter, Mae Katherine, was born in 1914.

    • Yes, I remember my Aunt Mae. My pictures of myfather’s family were given to me by one of my half sisters. Since I do book review and never did one her book. I need to see if I can read it enough to do an honest review.

    • I rememer both Great Grandmother Burns and Greataunt Gladys Burns both they were leading educators at the time. I owe a great deal to both of these relatives. I am probably only one alive that have actual memories of these two relativeses. There may cousins on my fatherside and my half sisters.

      • Bruce Burns says:

        Hi Betty,
        My Dad remembers his “Aunt Gladys,” as do I, and Dad also remembers “Aunt Kitty.” 🙂

      • I never knew that Grranford went by Miss Kitty.We saw her only around Cgristmas time when she brought gifts for our family.

      • I know it is we have not each long. I need a family member to take charge of financial affair if interest doing call Nicole Tood, our social worker , I am doing now as Bob no longer can do it. We have a very income from SS. Nicole number isc208-614-0208. She will explain what is needed.

  5. Bruce Burns says:

    My father’s name is Robert N. Burns, and he is 98 years old and knew “Aunt Kitty” well. She was my grandfather’s (Murrey Edwin Burns) older sister and she lived across the street from Rosevelt grade school in Boise. My dad says he remembers that she worked a garden lot that was kitty-corner from her home in Boise. She would be there all day in the hot sun and was an amazingly hard worker. Thank you for writing this note, our love goes out to you and your family.

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