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FOTD MAY 21, 2020


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FOTD May 18, 2020

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Waiting For July 6 It has been awhile since I posted and a lot has happen, tomorrow we will start phase two on reopening the state. Our stimulus money arrived and both trying spent. We have brought clothing, camera, gun … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to July 6 Please AWARE that my email might have been hack. Unfortuntly, I open trying to find out will the ad came from. If you get an about Trump it is not about. It arrive it on … Continue reading

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Stay Safe Good and bad days come and go. Today I want showcase my two plants that I am very please about. The first is a Norfolk pine it was Christmas gift 2 years ago. The tree is not winter … Continue reading

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#FOTD April 3,2020 ORANGE STAR Ornithogalum species

Pray Kathy brought me a lovely gift when she return from our weekly shopping. We had not seen it before of us had seen the plant the plant before. A quick internet search inform us it is a blub plant … Continue reading

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This is the third week we have been stay at home. Today Kathy took me to the bank and I saw some on signs of spring the grass is finally turning green The forsythia, white pear trees were blooming, along … Continue reading

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DON”T PANIC AND WASH YOUR HAND Orchids for sale at a super store. WOULD SOMEONE EXPLAIN FOR ME, WHY THE RUSH TO BUY TOILET PAPER? I would invite you for a cup of tea or coffee; but we are no … Continue reading

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RDP Friday: Viral

Originally posted on Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss:
Today our government decided to go a little viral. At the moment Public Enemy No. 1 is so small it cannot be seen with the human eye but it attaches itself to…

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