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PEACE Rory Anderson is busy preparing her crafts to sale at the craft festival; she  noticed that the construction at the house across street has stopped. Rory learns that the workers have unearth a skeleton. After the identification, it belong … Continue reading

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SLEEP LIKE A BABY By Charlaine Hariss

I have long been a fan of Aurora Teagarden series. I am pleased to see another book in this series and hope there will be more. Roe is coming to understand her new feelings as she cares for Sophie. Robin … Continue reading

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ALL THE LITTLE LIARS By Charlaine Harris

I have read all the previous Aurora Teagarden books so I was delighted to discover this book. A variety of emotions is covered including joy, kindness gays, bullying, and evil. Roe and Robin are celebrating their marriage and the bundle … Continue reading

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REAL MURDERS By Charlaine Harris

It has been a awhile since I have read an Aurora Teagarden mystery I have like them all. This is a re-read for me. Aurora belongs toa mystery group that discussed murder that happened in real life. Suddenly the murders … Continue reading

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