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SONG OF THE LION By Anne Hillerman

STARGAZER Think Positive! My Thanks to the Meridian, Idaho library for my copy of this book. I have read all of Tony Hillerman’s books and now all three of Anne’s books. I like the way Anne has added a strong … Continue reading

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BE KIND I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. I now have a new author to read. It is nicely written and the characters well defined. Sheila is doing her daily run and stumbles over something and hurts herself. … Continue reading

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This book features Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee and Bernie Manuelito as they worked the same cases from different aspects.. As usual these are blessed together to make one story. Joe is asked to locate a woman who has been missing … Continue reading

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SACRED CLOWNS By Tony Hillerman

Senior officer Joe Leaphorn. Jim manages to screw up by not really paying attention to what he is doing. It’s spring all he thinking about is Janet Peete. His assignment is to locate a Indian lad who is missing from … Continue reading

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THE SINISTER PIG By Tony Hillerman

Not one of the best of Hillerman’s Navajo series. Bernie is now in U.S. Border Patrol. On the job she unknowingly caught the attention of drug dealers. They feel she is undercover for Navajo Police and decided to kill her. … Continue reading

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SHAPE SHIFTERS By Tony Hillerman

Jim and Bernie Chee are back from their honeymoon. Jim Leaphorn visits them to welcome them. He tells them a story was investigating while they gone. He receives a letter containing a picture of Najove rug that burned in his … Continue reading

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