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BE KIND Think Positive! In the third book of this historical series, the town of Cordova is excited as a California movie company is going to film a movie on a nearby glacier. Charlotte Brody is assigned to cover the … Continue reading

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Think Positive! Beginning a series in the 7th book is difficult as one does not know about events that occur in the earlier volumes. This a new author and series for me. Lucky Smith and Paul Keller are vacationing in … Continue reading

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A GOOD DAY TO BUY By Sherry Harris

Think Positive! Sarah Winston opens her door and stood there in shock. Her estranged brother was her visitor. The second event is happening during the day. When her clients were murdered during the garage sale, she was hosting that morning. … Continue reading

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    It is pleasant to read a Christmas story that shows the everyday life of the individuals. This one does as we follow Angie Curtis and Patrick West as they get ready to celebrate the holidays. Patrick’s Mother Skye … Continue reading

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#THESE HONORED DEAD By Jonathan F. Putnam

PEACE BE KIND The first book in the Lincoln and Speed series. It is a historical fiction that is based on Lincoln lawyer cases. This book background is early Springfield. Joshua Speed is a son of a wealthy plantation owner … Continue reading

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PUTTING ON A WITCH By Joyce and Jim Levene

BE KIND The third book in the Retired Witches mysteries we find the Coven preparing to attend Brian’s birthday party at the Castle of his parents. This true fantasy as magic is everywhere. We find a shapesetter, Dragon magic, the … Continue reading

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#DEADLY RIDE by Jody Holfold

PEACE There is more Romance than I like to see in the books I read, otherwise it is a good and fast read. The 3rd book of the Britton Bay series Molly Owens’ boyfriend, Sam Alderich’ Auto shop is sponsoring … Continue reading

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#HOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING  by Betty Hechtman

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! Tarzana Hookers are excited as the craft channel is planning on filming an on crochet event at the bookstore. Molly Pink welcomes Marianne and her caregiver, Gloria to the Hookers. Gloria is electrocuted walking over to the … Continue reading

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DEADLY NEWS by Jody Holford

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS!  A new author for me and the first book of a new series. The cover is attractive and invites on to read the book. The mystery is secondary to a romance between Molly Owens and Sam Alderich. … Continue reading

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The first time I have read this author, the book is # in the series. I had trouble at first as I didn’t know the characters. They are well developed and the area’s descriptions draw you into the story. The … Continue reading

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