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PEACE The cover attracted my attention and I decided to read it even though it is not a mystery. I found an easy, humorous, and fast moving story. Edgar Finchley is a clerk who at 45 years old has never … Continue reading

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PEACE A new author for me, this is not my usual reading. I was not disappointed and will read this author again. Martha Storm who puts everyone’s interest before her own. She keeps a document that lists all she has … Continue reading

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A SPARK OF LIGHT by Jodi Picoult

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! The first time that I have read this author and I found an outstanding story about abortion, pro, and con that was extremely fair. It hit me again and I felt victimized again. A sunny clear fall … Continue reading

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THE POST CAROUSEL by Juliet Blackwell

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! I almost didn’t request this book but I am glad I did. I found I got so involved in the storyline, I couldn’t put it down instead read far into the night. I had problems reading the … Continue reading

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Only a skillful storyteller could use 3 points of view and separate the tale by 2 decades. Yet the story was brought together so you had only one view. Since I don’t handle this arrangement very well, I had trouble … Continue reading

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I requested this novel as all the ratings, I read were positive. I did not expect the foul language and sex scenes. I had trouble with it at the beginning and decided to put it aside and and read it … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! This post is a post created by Megan Bookslayers @ https://bookslayerreads.com/ I learned about from Susan @ https://susanlovesbooks.wordpress.com/2017/08/13/standalone-sunday-29/ My book today is INDIAN SUMMER by Marcia Willett A novel set among the peaceful filling hills of Devon, … Continue reading

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BLUEFIRE By Phyllis A. Whitney

Written during South Africa apartheid period, the details are accurate. I find the idea dreadful. Susan Hohenfield returns to Cape Town as the bride a childhood friend and her Father’s ward. Her Mother left the family home taking right-year-old Susan … Continue reading

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PHONCIANA By Phyllis A. Whitney

This gothic romance is set on Palm Springs Island at the family mansion of the wealthy Logan family. The poinciana is in full bloom. The mansion is full of art and other valuable collections. Some of the pieces are missing. … Continue reading

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DOMINGO By Phyllis A. Whitney

A cozy with a friend of the 70’s I read all the Phyllis A. Whitney novels as soon as they came out. I was happy to the e-books of this novel. I had forgotten how you are pulled right into … Continue reading

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