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The second book is the Zodiac series is intriguing and held my rates until the end. Julia Bonatti is a bridesmaid a friend, Geneva Leary’s wedding that has problems. A missing bridesmaid and the wedding planner collapsed at the reception. … Continue reading

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A historical World War One Novel. The background is set in Kent, England and aid stations and hospitals in France. The trains are delayed in Kent and Bess Crawford meets up with Mark Ashton whom she nurses in France. He … Continue reading

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COLLARED By David Rosenfelt

The last Andy Carpenter book is one of his best. A border collie is left at the Tara Foundation. A scam reveals that this is the dog that was stolen when a baby was kidnapped a few years ago. A … Continue reading

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LIES THAT BIND By Stella Cameron

This is fourth of this series and the second book by this author I have read. The first book was a great read and this book was the same. The characters are well developed and have become friends. I was … Continue reading

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The fate of the old and decaying Victorian Mansion is being hotly discussed by the residents of Oakwood. The owner died recently and her children have plans to dismantle it for profit. They plan on building 14 homes in the … Continue reading

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FALSE WALL By Veronica Heley

The garden walls separating Bea’s home from her neighbors collapse. The walls brought down the large tree in Bea’s garden damaging her house and the Agency. Rumors are circulating that the walls are Bea’s and she is responsible for the … Continue reading

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An Ali Reynolds book and as any book by J. A. Jance it is a keen thriller dealing physiology effects of cyber bullying. High Noon Enterprises staff is involved, especially Stuart Ramey. An old friend, Roger McGrath is missing from … Continue reading

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A CAST OF VULTURES By Judith Flanders

This is an outstanding mystery full of suspense. It is not about birds. The characters are developed, the area descriptions will place you in London and neighborhood. The presentation of how a book is published and the politics involved is … Continue reading

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THE BALLOON MAN By Charlotte Armstrong

I have always enjoyed Charlotte Armstrong ‘s books. I read as many as I could find in the 1970’s. The conditions concerning domestic abuse that were in play at that period are correct. In the minds of the police and … Continue reading

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WINK OF AN EYE By Lynn Chandler Willis

A dramatic thriller that will hold attention until you finished. There is some sex and violence. Gypsy Morgan needs to leave Las Vegas as his business has taken a bad turn. He loads up his office and ships to his … Continue reading

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