Dobyns Chronicles by Shirley McLain

I received a free copy from the author for an honest review. The opinion is my own.

Learned about life the early 1900’s by following Charley Dobyns and his family as they live in Southeast Texas and Northeast Oklahoma. The writing is smooth and easy to read. There are no twists or turns in the story. you will rejoice when things are great and cry when things go wrong.
Charley is sixteen when his parents died of yellow fever. His brother David is twelve and their sister Viola is fours old. After burying their folks, they have a council to decide what is next. They planned to go to Oklahoma to the Holmes Ranch. Charley hopes to work on the ranch as a hand. The journey begins until his death. This is a novel. I recommend it.

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Guaranteed to Bleed by Julie Mulhern

 Ellison Russell finds Bobby Lowell under the football stadium and his dying words are” Tell her I loved her. Ellison starts hunting for the girl with obstacles in her path that she has trouble finding her. Meanwhile daughter has become troublesome and the detective and her lawyer causing her grief. This book has several twists and the plot changes directions as these occur. The series is now a favorite and I recommend it.
Disclosure: I received a free copy from HENERY PRESS through Netgalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to read and review this book. The opinions are my own.

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#PERFECT SINS By Jo Bannister


The second book explains the background of Gabriel Ash. He was working as a security analyst for the British Government. The case he had been working on four years ago concern the hijacking of arms shipment by the Somalia privates. His wife and sons were kidnapped by the privates and no trace was found of them. Gabriel had a mental breakdown and retired to his hometown of Norfolk. Information from a high ranking Norfolk police officer before he was killed hinted that they might be still alive. Hazel becomes involve with Gabriel helping him search for clues. The book has a cliffhanger for the ending as Gabriel learns that Cathy, his wife is still alive. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

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a quick note to let my friends that I need to take a break from the internet for awhile. Bob is ill and while is not hurt. I will be back a little later. Thanks to all my friends and supporters. Prayers for us.

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NO GRATER CRIME released date August 24


Business is busy at the Pan And Pancake cafe as Robbie deals with the effects of finding an UI professor floating under the ice at the local pond. A close friend of Robbie ‘s is the main person of interest in the suspicious death. Helping her friend clear her name takes Robbie to explore the Sociology Department of the University of Indiana. Robbie is remodeling the unused portion of the building in order to open a Bed and Breakfast. She finds a tunnel connecting her to the barn. Stories of two unwed mothers and adoptions of their babies add interest. I feel this is the best book in a first-class series. The recipes of the food mention in the book are included. I recommend this book and series. Disclosure: I received a free copy from Kensington Books through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.
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#MOLDED 4 MURDER by J. C. Eaton



Sophie “Phee” Kimball makes friends with a couple of sisters, Gertie and Trudy that live in luxurious retirement home in Sun City. Phee has relationship with Marshall one of private investigator for whom Phee works. The fifth installment find that Phee’s Mother and a friend have joined a pottery club. The private investigators are consulting with sheriff of Sun City West about the death of, Quentin Dussler, prominent member of the clay club. Phee’s Mother and a friends names are on a paper clutch in Dussier’s hand upsetting her Mother. Phee becomes more deeply involve with the clay club and matter concerning the accountant at retirement home. This book changes directions,several times before the final statement. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Kensington Books for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.

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MURDER WITH ORANGE PEACOCK Released date August 24



A fast-moving and agreeable story set against the Tea House with mystery,  greed, jealousy, and romance to hold your interest.  Derek Schumaker, a reviewer for often giving negative reports is eating at the restaurant and will be posting a review. Daisy and her staff are on tenderloins about the review. Derek eats his meal and tells Daisy to read the review on his blog. He buys a dozen cucumber sandwich from the restaurant. Later Daisy learns Derek eat the sandwichs and they contain poison. Daisy's daughters have problems that she needs to handle in addition to the rumors hurting her business at the Tea House. The ending will delight you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.
Recipes from the Tea House menu are included.

Disclosure: Thanks to Kensington Books for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Many Birds


American white pelicans
Turkey vultures
Sandhill cranes and turkey vultures
Cattle egrets

Snow Geese
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A Crafty Christmas

I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. I now have a new author to read. It is nicely written and the characters well defined.

Sheila is doing her daily run and stumbles over something and hurts herself. It turns out to be a dead body and Sheila is last person to see her. Sheila and friends from Cumberland Creek are on a Scrapbooking Cruise that she won. The story moves between those on the cruise and the town. There are several twists that keep the reader’s attention. There are teasers for the next book. I was at a disadvantage not having read the early books. I will read her again.

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The Gunn Zoo series is always entertaining and it is again a delight to read. Theodora aka Teddy is busy counting otters for the Marine Conservatory when she saw Maureen, her favorite otter swimming around with an expensive smartphone. Teddy recovered the phone is distributed to see a picture of a murder. The victim is a college professor who has been accused of sexual misconduct and the police arrest one of his accusers. Teddy tried to help her even as her Mother and fiance, Sheriff Joe Rejas combine forces to convince her to move in Joe’s home. The story is interwoven with environmental issues and animal lore. I HIGHLY recommend this book and series. Recipes are included.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Poison Pen Press for a review copy. the opinions expressed are my own.

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