Orchids for sale at a super store.


I would invite you for a cup of tea or coffee; but we are no longer doing sharing time with others to help stopped the spread of the coronavirus so lets chat awhile. Since 20013 my husband and myself have been living a much alone due to health reasons. I look around for something to do. I finally settle on writing reviews. I have always keep a six months of food and other items we used. It came in handy a couple times, the last when where having a problem with caregivers.

Cooper’s Hawk


I am still reading a book a day but I am not writing any reviews. My books are from the library or I buy them from Nook. Currently reading Chris Cavender’s Pizza series. I am reading right now Killer CRUST the 5th book in the series. I read all of Vicki Delaney’s Constable Molly series and would give them 5+ stars. I read Vickie Fee new series and would give only 4 stars.

I read 3 short by Rex Stout NERO WOLF The book below is on my wish list to read it again.

Our library is close for 3 weeks. Think about would really want to read a book that you had no background information. E-books and audio should be alright. I haven’t check my library to see if I can get my e-books still.

With my medical background, I am not too scared as I have been through similar experience in my life. I am in the high risk group. My age is over 80 and my immune system is already affect. We have outlived most of our fiends and older family.

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RDP Friday: Viral

I laugh the entire time I was reading this. It has hit on the panic here so well. Do your usually hygenic unless you come to contact

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss


Today our government decided to go a little viral. At the moment Public Enemy No. 1 is so small it cannot be seen with the human eye but it attaches itself to people. It goes by the name of Corona virus. The first command is wash your hands. The government did not exactly say when you should wash your hands and up to now I have not seen people with their hands permanently in the sink. It has been left to our own common sense.

The next command is if you have to sneeze and you don’t have a handkerchief, then sneeze in the crook of the arm. Do not ask how that is supposed to be done. Of course the handkerchief is better, but it should be a paper one and afterwards immediately be thrown in the bin. Apparently sneezing into the hand is not very good as hands…

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Today, I am sharing pictures of some of my plants. The first is one of my orchids. I brought this in January this year. The yellow and pink were brought this month.

Next the rose bowl brought this month on my Trader Joe visit. It has been in my window and now in full bloom

Norford Pine was a gift 3 wears ago at Christmas.I m proud I have been able to grow it. It has been in my living room all this time.

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The third book in this series will take you to the 1939 New York World ‘s Fair. Elizabeth “Biz” Adams, photographer for Daily Trumpet works with Ralph Kaminsky, a reporter who hears of a murder that occurred at the fair. Biz and Ralph head fifths fair coverage stories and pictures for the paper. There the victim work at DuPont booth demonstrating the new material nylon stockings that last longer than silk Elizabeth continues with meeting the homicide detective Sal Marino against her parent’s wishes. The news from Europe continues to be negative making war likely. A boatload of Jews is docked outside of New York City. Biz and Ralph continue to visit the fair hoping to get an exclusive report of the murders. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to ALIBI for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.

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#FATAL ROOTS by Sheila Connolly

The County Cork series has been extraordinary from the beginning and the 8th installment does not disappoint. Each story can be read as a standalone as they are complete but understanding the backstory is better, if read in order.
When Maura Donovan is alone after the death of her grandmother she heads to Cork County, Ireland. She has no friends. She is surprised to be left Sullivan’s Pub and a house. Maura has a couple of problems in the book. Her Mother has returned bringing with her, Maura’s half-sister. She learns along with the house, she also inherited several plots around the county. She hears about the ‘fairy circles and several are located on her land. Looking around for one she finds one. In the shallow part in the center of one a murdered body is detected. Who is the man and why was he buried in a fairy circle? What is Maura’s response to her Mother’s action? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.

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The first book in a new series by a favorite author, Maddy Day. I smiled many times as the author set up the characters for the series. The MC owns a bike shop and belongs to a cozy book club. Members read and discuss cozy mysteries. Maddy stumbles over a dead body and her brother is the main suspect. The Book Club decides to help clear her brother, recovering from an addiction to alcohol. The private eye will amuse you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK for entertaining read. Recipes included.

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WELCOME, come inside and lets chat awhile. We are going to set on the patio as the sun is shinning so it will be warm out there. There is tea, coffee and hot chocolate to drink.

In late November in order to remove stress in my life; I stopped reading ARC’s and reports. The first of the year; ordered Chrome LAPTOP. I am slowly relearning Google. I joined while it was still in Beta. I didn’t realize how much I was missing. I will do a few and you will find on Nook.

Yesterday, Katy took me out to Meridian shops. There are enough Walmarts to get us confused. We both had a different one in mind. Ended up in the closet one and Katy hadn’t been there. I brought a replacement 4.4 cubic feet replacement refrigerator. Next went to Trader Joe and the floral part was outstanding. I had tough time deciding what plants I wanted.

This a PORTION of my plants in my window that gets east morning light and west afternoon light. I added a miniature rose that has three colors and is lovely today. There a yellow orchid that I couldn’t resist.

The window in my room

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The 7th edition of the Second Chance Mysteries series is a relaxing read. The characters are excellent and will grab your attention at once. Elvis, a feline adds much to the story.

Sarah Grayson attends a fundraiser and sees a man collapsed and she and Nick do CPR on him but we’re unable to save him. His death has released a homicide. Sarah feels responsible for him and decided to look for the killer. She is joined by Charlotte Angels, a group of senior citizens that have a detective agency. Nick and Mac join them. The victim was involved with a Construction Boss over a parcel of land. How does the dispute affect death? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

DISCLOSURE: Thanks to Berkley for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expresed n.are my n

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#FLORAL FRIDAY February 17,2020

I am slowly learning my new setup. Today I managed get some of my pictures into my WordPress library. Katy brought these plants on Valentine’s Day.

Today, there are five flowers open and more to come.

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Fifteen weeks

A blogging friend who had two tumor girls” on her them. It is good to know she still has her humor.


It’s been fifteen weeks since my mastectomy and all in all things are settling down nicely.
The new meds seem to suit which is a relief, though we won’t know if my cholesterol is affected until my diabetes MOT in May, unless of course I ask for it to be checked before hand.

Most of the time I don’t think about it, but obviously getting dressed or undressed, having a shower, or doing my exercises is a reminder.
I never liked my body much anyway, and ‘the girls’ weren’t exactly a selling point of my anatomy, a decent size I suppose as breasts go, but nothing to write home about or over noticeable. Now I’m down to a mono boob, there isn’t much difference!

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