Meet Mama Mia – A New Addition To Our Family – September 18, 2020

Mama Mia is a small gray cat. She arrived not to long ago. Right she is upset but she eat a treat and allow Kathy and myself to pet her and hold her. We are all excited about and her. I am tired as I have been on feet too much.

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Hello There – Excited – September 18,2020

We are going to adopt a cat, hopefully today. They will the cat this afternoon. Her name MAMA MIA. She is a brown/grey tabby. Her age is not determined. She currently in a foster home and is does not like other animals. We need a letter from our doctor. This morning Kathy and myself are heading Petsmark for cat supplies. More later.

Betty Louise

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Water, Everywhere -September 17, 2020

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An group of animals and birds – September 17, 2020


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A mixtures of a group of flowers – September 17, 2020

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Trees – September 16, 2020

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North American Plants – Western States

Bitteroot – Idaho, Montana, Washington State
Prickly Poppy – California
Golden current – Idaho – Oregon – plus other states
Dalea species – Nevada, California
FLOWER OF Agave species
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Books added last night – September 15, 2020

Jane K. Cleveland





THE GARDEN CLUB MYSTERIES by 2 Landrums new author

Several by Sandra Bavblitz featuring Paws and friends. The of the cost books is $2.99/.99

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I Survived my Shopping Trip – September 14, 2020

Needing to do some banking and a gift for my husband’s 89th birthday later this month. Kathy and myself headed for the Boise mall. The smoke from our neighboring states hide the usual view of the mountains. Our distantiation was Cabella, an outdoor for store. I found a suitable gift and a few other items like caramel candy that are GF and some midgets that depicted wildlife. Cabella is twice the size the last time I was there. The inside men’s clothing caught your attention instead of guns. Camping items were found in a different. They still offer their delicious candy and images of wildlife so I purchased several. A suitable gift was found.

Afterwards, we went to Target to look at air fryers and learned that they did not have wheelchairs, the other stores all offer wheelchairs. we than drove to a Walmart store and brought an air fryer and some other items. Walmart now had convenience store and we brought cool drinks

The above pictures were taken by one Kathy’s son as he drive through the area. The smoke comes in waves. Right now the sun is shinning trying to break through the smoke.

I was extremely tired last and needed a funny and relaxing book. I started a series about dogs featuring a St Bernard at a dog show. I smiled when Paws led a group of dogs through hotel, the dogs used the elevator and humans had to use the steps. I still smiling today. the book was by Sandra Bavblitz – MASTTIFFS – MYSTERY AND MURDER.

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Pictures From Our RV Journey – September 14, 2020

Camp Host Pahrangat NWR
Pacfic Ocean California
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