Penstemon Files – Blue Flowers

Penstemon californicus
Penstemon species
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ABSENCE OF ALICE – December 29

For a light and relaxing read checked out the first in the historical series featuring Olive Belgrave, a penniless socialite through a misfortune, not her fault. The series takes place in the early 1920’s set in London. The writing flows easily and  there even e characters are developed. This book took me back when I was reading about Miss Silver. It is similar in style.
Olive accepts an offer from an Aunt to look into the history of a gentleman that her daughter, Violet is determined to marry. Along with another cousin, Gwen the three of them attend is invited to a weekend house party. at a count estate. While there Violet’s fiance is tossed off a balcony and is killed. Evidence points to Violet and Olive become involved with the investigation.  Plenty of twists and turns to hold your attention.  There is even a romance starting. Will Olive find the answer to prevent Violet from being arrested? There are several suspects with motives. I highly recommend this book.

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Night of the White Buffalo by Margaret Coel

The Wind River Series has long been my favorite Native American story. I am delighted to read this book. Visiting with Father John and Vicky Holden was a great way to pass the time. Someone is taking random shots at cars on the highway. Vicky and Adam to stop to help and find a dead man. About the same time a white buffalo calf is born on the reservation. The Arapahoe believe the white calf is scared and that it a sign creator is with it. Hoards descend on ranch to see the calf. Several cowboys who work on the ranch has disappeared. The subplots are skillfully merged together.

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Penstemon files – red penstemons

In the late 1900’s we travel thought western states of Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho taken pictures of our native plants. Some I remember and I have forgotten other details. Most of my materials are gone.

Penstemon newberryii var. newberryii – California
Penstemon eatonii _
Penstemon centranthifolius – central Calfornia
Penstemon Rupicola – Washington state

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FOTD – White Flowers

Star magnolia
Star magnolia
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HUNTING HOUR By Margaret Mizushima


An outstanding police procedure featuring K-9 dog, Robo and his handler, Deputy Mattie Cobb. The information on Robo’s training is educational and how a police department broaches a missing person is enlightening. This is the third book in the series and a new author for me. The story switches between Mattie and Robo with a veterinarian, Doctor Cole Walker. The sheriff officers all are well developed. The backstory intrigued me and I will be reading the previous books before too long.
Mattie and Robo are asked to find a missing teenager who did not return home from school. They follow normal procedures and when they find the girl she is dead. Robo’s activities are great as he continues to aid in the solution. Before the killer is found one of Cole Walker’s daughters is missing. The twists and turns this story will keep the pages moving. The use of how the K-9 dogs are used, in this case, is extremely informative. I highly recommend this book.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from Crooked Lane Books through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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Big Trinty Lake at 9,700 feet – Idaho

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CAVE OF BONES By Anne Hillerman


My thanks to the Meridian Library for my copy. This is The latest book in the long-term series of the Navajo tribe. Tribal Police Officer Bernadette Manuelito arrives at an outpost to speak to a group of teenagers on a outbounds journey to help them find themselves. One of the girls did not return from her solo night. A consultant went after her. The girl has returned but the consultant is still missing. The girl tells Annie she stumbled into a cave containing bones and artifacts. Bernie realized it is an ancient grave’s and sets the motions in play to protect it. Sergeant Jim Chee is sent to a conference on Amber Alerts and Domestic violence. Maggie’s is taking a class at the Art Institute and meets up with him.. He is asked to locate a Navajo Indian and tell him to call his Mother. Bernie is busy looking into Indian logs appearing at the local outlet and offer on an internet site. In the middle of the investigation, Bernie is trapped by a major snowstorm. Before she is finished Bernie encounters illegal drugs, stolen grave goods, and greed. I HIGHLY this book and series.

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FOTD – Flowers with rust or brown centers

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#COOL IN TUCSON By Elizabeth Gunn 


Elizabeth Gunn is one of my go to read authors in the late 1980/70/90 I read most of her books at that time. Her books are excellent police procedures.  Sarah Burk is an homicide detective in Tucson, Arizona. She is recently divorce. and living in a small apartment as the divorce hurt her financially. Her sister is a substance-abuse user who has one daughter, Denny. She is a relationship with a police officer, Will Dietz. Sarah and her Mother work to help Denny’s life. The crime scenes are described  in detail.  Elizabeth Gunn has another police procedural, Jake Hines set in Minnesota. 

The first book of the series Sara is called a crime scene where the victim was stabbed to death. Sarah is given the lead detective part in the investigation. The twists and turns that story takes will kept you turning pages. As Sarah doesn’t have enough to do. Her sister takes her daughter with her and heads to the grocery store. Finding parking places difficult she leaves the car in a handicap parking. Denny goes to sleep waiting for her Mother and a crook needs a car and sees the car running with keys in it. He take the car and doesn’t realize Denny is in the car. The two themes are  skillfully brought together. The ending will surprise. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

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