IMG_20150613_134603My present living environment doesn’t allow me an outside garden. My garden is now all indoor plants. This grow is out on my patio back away from the sun so it doesn’t kill the roots.


Jade Plant grown from a cutting last year.


These are inside above my collection of book

Rex Begonia  IMG_20150613_134949

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15 Responses to MY GARDEN

  1. You have beautiful plants. I grown mine indoors too as I don’t have a garden.

    • Thanks. A one time I had over100 indoor plants with over 50 pepeornias. Than I got better and indoor lights were suspected of growing pot plants and I didn’t have time. I like to grow plants from leaves that is fun.

  2. susurrus says:

    I find indoor plants surprisingly tricky! You’re look like they’re thriving.

    • The common cause indoor plants is improper water too much or to little . All succulents like a dry soil and most tropical plants want a moist. Also were you buy or get start can make a difference.

  3. Yay, BettyLouise, you did it! And this is a terrific example of a post for The Leisure Link. At the rate we are going with this crazy drought in California, we may all have to garden inside!!

  4. Clare says:

    Hi Betty,

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.


  5. naturelover says:

    It seems that you are taking a very good care of them 🙂
    beautiful plants!!

  6. fiftarina says:

    Lovely indoor garden! I don’t have any outdoor yard as well. I have some fake trees inside my house for ‘green touch’, but your post motivates me to have a real garden indoor!

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