If we were having coffee/tea, I would asked to come inside. You know the drill, after we are settled on the patio overlooking the parking area we can chat. There are mixed clouds out this morning. The forecast is the same therest of the week. There a yard sale this morning in the back parking lot. We see the quail occasionally as someo e is feeding them.

This week was the monthly potluck. The main dish was chili with corn bread. I made potato salad and devil eggs for it. We have  gentleman, Bob L who is 99 year young. His table was selected to g first, I was surprised hen l his table rushed to be first in line while Bob was trying to get ouu of his chair. My huband realize what was happening and went to his aid. I guess there is no  courtesy any more.

The following pictures are from the Nature Conservatory Thousand Springs Preserve. This are is now a an Idaho state park

It we were sharing a conversation this week, I would tell you that I feel WordPress is working on the media libray. I think when they are done I will like it. However, I had a hard time doing my Redwood Post. I spent two days trying to get my pictures into my media library. One nice thing about the internet, there are more than one way to do something.  I found an away and I can now do it in less time. The following pictures are  variety of landscapes.


BOOKS: I have been from my TBR pile this last week as I have only ARC being released September 20


September 22

HANDS UO MISS SEETON by Hampton Charles

From my reading list

THE SAYER’S SWINDLE by Victoria Abbott

THE WOLF’S WIDOW by Victoria Abbott

A CAMPY CHRISTMAS by Karen Musser Nortman

GONE WITH THE WOOL by Betty Hechtman


Please join us at and

on linky

About bettylouise31 Member of Netgalley. Senior Citizen and been reading and sharing my thoughts on books most of my life. I read for my pleasure. I have been married for 60 years and we have a Bengal Cat, Kato. Interests include reading, dogs, cats, gardening, knitting, crocheting. I have a strong interest in North American native plants. A word on my reviews. Books review are from my public library, brought, many from Netgalley, a few from Edelweiss, occasionally from an author or from friends. The opinions are my own. I represent no publisher, author or another source​. My reviews can be found on Amazon, Tumblr, Goodreads, Google+. I have no Facebook or Twitter accounts. Thanks for reading my blog.
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6 Responses to COFFEE/TEA SHARE SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Yes, Bob should have been first in line – that’s why his table was called first…. Very nice pictures, as always.

    I hope you have a great week.

  2. Rowena says:

    Betty Louise, I am constantly being stunned by the inconsideration of some and the incredible humanity of others. Bob needs a walking stick with an electric current in it so he can zap some of these characters. My grandmother could get quite narky with hers and could’ve been considered armed and dangerous. She used to take things too far but after needing a walking stick myself and being walked into, I see the need.
    Loved your photos by the way.
    xx Rowena

  3. Mother Hen says:

    Wonderful photos Louise! Bob should have been the first one served.. We have become such a me first world… Anyway I am working just two days a week and it takes me a few days afterwards to get back some energy. Our weather is cooler… love it… and of course one of my favorite times of the year…

  4. Joanna Lynn says:

    Once again, gorgeous pictures!
    I just don’t understand people at all. There is no regard for anyone but themselves. Your husband is a good man. I wonder how Bob felt when he was just left at the table alone. Was no one there with him?

    • Thanks for the comment. Bob is 99 years old. In December he will be 10 0. His only thought was standing up. He has out lived his support group and is very independent. When we moved here we had policy handicaps went first and a someone help them get their meals. I guess this generation doesn’t understand that.

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