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DESERT CUT By Betty Webb

I have long been a fan of the Lena Jones series. Somehow I seem to loose them at times. The stories all cover human abuse especially if girls and woman. This one’s cover one that is horrible. Lena Jones a … Continue reading

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Reading a Shelby Nickols’ series is always a groovy read, this one did not disappoint. Shelby and family are just back from their adventure in France and Shelby has plenty to keep her occupy. A trouble with her son’s makeup, … Continue reading

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SKYDIVE By Susan O’Brien

An outstanding cozy mystery which I find hard to review as there are so many positives to comment. There is good information on what happens to individuals leaving foster care. The characters are well developed and descriptions of the areas … Continue reading

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GLOW OF DEATH By Jane K. Cleland

I have enjoyed my visits with Josie and this book did not disappoint. Josie is offered the chance to appraise a Tiffany Lamp. Following her practices, she appraises the lamp at over a million dollars. The lamp is returned to … Continue reading

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SHADES OF WRATH By Karen Rose Smith

Caprice De Luca has an appointment to meet Wendy Newcomb, the head of Kismet’s Woman Shelter. Arriving at the shelter Caprice at the shelter the police are present as Wendy has been murder. Caprice becomes involved as there are several … Continue reading

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This is the fourth book in a series about extreme sports. The background is set in the Pacific Northwest. Meg Reed is a reporter for an online magazine on sports. She is an active participant in the sports. There is … Continue reading

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A relaxing read that will take you on a historical journey back to an English village. Lucy Harrington and Sir Robert Midland are attending the annual fair. as they wait for their society wedding in London. Lucy points out to … Continue reading

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One Day Only Novemer 28

JUST ADD WATER  by Jinx Schwartz None over 99¢ some freebies

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If we were having Coffee/tea ☕ ☕, would asked you to come inside out of cold windy weather. Last week so rain at times with snow in the higher elevations. Select your beverage of choice and there is some cinnamon … Continue reading

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Herbed Garlicky Baby Potatoes (Slow Cooker Potatoes)

Originally posted on Indu's International Kitchen:
OK not going to babble much here.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  One by one the dishes are coming together.  We are celebrating as usual with our close friends – we are all a big…

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