I wasn’t planning on adding any books this week. I blamed these on Edelweiss as when I got the weekly newsletter I went through it and found several of my go to /must read authors had new books out in February 2019. I went on NetGalley to see if any were on it. To my surprise Kensington had 95 new books. I was going just look at them. I found the following I “wanted to read”. There are about 5 others I “wanted to read” so far I haven’t added them yet. The first four are due to be released September 25. YEAST OF EDEN PUBLISHED OCTOBER 30. All cozies except the Anna Lee Huber. It is historical mystery from just after World War 1. The first book was very good.    


About bettylouise31 Member of NetGalley and Edelweiss Senior Citizen and been reading and sharing my thoughts on books most of my life. I read for my pleasure. I have been married for over 60 years. We had a Bengal Cat, Kato who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Interests include reading, dogs, cats, gardening, knitting, crocheting. I have a strong interest in North American native plants. A word on my reviews. Books review are from my public library, brought, many from Netgalley, a few from Edelweiss, occasionally from an author or from friends. The opinions are my own. I represent no publisher, author or any other source​. My reviews can be found on Amazon, Tumblr, Goodreads, Google+, and Twitter. I have no Facebook account. Thanks for reading my blog.
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18 Responses to BOOKS ADDED THIS WEEK – JULY 29, 2018

  1. Plot Monster says:

    Love the cover for Feral Attraction!

  2. Tina Kashian says:

    Thank you for adding my book, “Stabbed in the Baklava.” Also, I’m adding these other great releases to my bookshelf. Lots of great releases from talented authors!

  3. lghiggins says:

    “I was going to just look at them.” You are a bookaholic at heart. As I am, because I’m going to have to take a look at 4 out of 5 of these. Enjoy!

  4. carhicks says:

    You chose some great books Betty. I went to town with Kensington’s releases, I have a lot of reading ahead.

    • Kensington is becoming a major publisher. It one of my favorites now Henery Press left NetGalley. I have a lot enjoyable reading ahead.

      • carhicks says:

        I saw that. I hope I can still get their books on Edelweiss.

      • It had been awhile since I visited Edelweiss but I no troube. I got a request for CRY WOLF and that got me on site. It is not easy to find books. So far I have gotten 5 from them all one I couldn’t get on NetGalley. Clip the plus sign that’s rights the site. I updated my profile. Books that you can request and place. The big one was J.A. Jance Joanna Brady new book. PENNED Eileen Brady new book does have some animal antics but it more of a thriller as the protagonist looks for the FBI Most Wanted. GoodLuck!

      • carhicks says:

        I have been able to change some of my settings to make it easier to find things, I do like it, though do not always remember to check it.

      • I still need to learn a great deal on using it. I have self imposed rule of NO NEW BOOKS until read what I have now. It is hard to do when I get all the news. There a new Mrs Jeffrey coming sometime this year.

      • carhicks says:

        I tell myself, no requesting, but I don’t listen.

      • That is what I.have been doing. My health is deterring and I do want to read them all and I want to read others not I have want to read and don’t have time. August is a busy month but I have all I have read and reviews back.

  5. bmary8222 says:

    I have most of these to read too.

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