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PEACE https://ceenphotography.com/2019/03/25/fotd-march-26-2019-waterlilies/

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#MAY DAY MURDER by Jennifer David Hesse 

PEACE Spring is in air and Edindale, Illinois attorney, Keli Milanni is feeling great as she is looking forward to the Beltrane, a long-standing Wiccan holiday in the fifth book of the Wiccan Wheel mysteries. She has left the law … Continue reading

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#MURDER IN MIDTOWN by Liz Freeland

PEACE This the best book I have read in the last few months. It is the second book in the Louise Faulk historical series and the first time I read this author. I will definitely read her again and will … Continue reading

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PEACE A new author for me, this is not my usual reading. I was not disappointed and will read this author again. Martha Storm who puts everyone’s interest before her own. She keeps a document that lists all she has … Continue reading

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PEACE This story takes place in the 1940s during the London Blitz. Maisie Dobbs and her BFF, Priscilla Partridge served as ambulance drivers helping the wounded from the bombs dropped nightly on London. They meet Catherine Saxon, an American war … Continue reading

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#THE HIDDEN CORPSE by Debra Sennefelder

PEACE I feel there must be a generation gap as I didn’t understand the plot but that did not infer with reading the book. This the second book in the series and the first I have read of the Food … Continue reading

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#PINOT RED OR DEAD? by J. C. Eaton

PEACE The third book in the Wind Trail mysteries is an excellent addition to the series. Norrie Ellington is setting up the Two Witches Winery for the annual Deck The Hall Christmas Festival schedule for the weekend. She learns of … Continue reading

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