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PEACE I enjoyed my previous visits to Stella Maris Island and the lowcountry of South Carolina and I was not disappointing the eighth installment of the Liz Talbot series. I read it in one setting as it is difficult to … Continue reading

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PEACE The first book of the Alexa Glock series takes yoi to New Zealand and to about some the customs of the Maori people. Alexa is a forensic expert who worked for the North Carolina Investigation Bureau. She has been … Continue reading

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#WORD  TO THE WISE by Jenn McMinlay 

PEACE The tenth book of the Library Lovers book finds Linsday North preparing to  wed Sully. She helps Aaron Grady one time at the library and Lindsay is receiving big bouquets of roses from him. Aaron comes into the library … Continue reading

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#THE GARDEN CLUB MURDER by Amy Patricia Meade

PEACE Edit I was delighted when I open this book, the name given me imply about garden, I was disappointed when I started to read the to learn, its a book about food which there are so many of cooking … Continue reading

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