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#PS, I forgot mention OCTOBER 25, 2019

PEACE Welcome all my new members and a big Thank you to those who have been with me from the beginning. I started out as a mystery book review. I have come a long way. Thank you! thanks! thanks ! … Continue reading

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PEACE The seventh book of the Fixer-upper series find Shannon Hammer working her largest project for Raphael Nash, an billionaire who has purchased a large piece land in Lighthouse Cove. She is restoring the house for Marigold, his wife. He … Continue reading

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PEACE A light and and fast reading Christmas book with a tinge of mystery is the fourth book of the Knot and Nibbles series. A Good one to curl put on Christmas songs and enjoy the season. I was disappointed … Continue reading

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#THREE WIDOWS AND A CORPSE by Debra Sennefelder

PEACE The 3rd book Bloggers series has Hope Early working had to keep her food blog going and has an agreement to create a number of low – cal recipes for a feature in a Food Magazine. She is on … Continue reading

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#Let’ Share Coffee/Tea     Hello, Friends   October 25, 2019

PEACE Welcome, prefect fall day to sit and watch the birds. There is coffee or herbal tea or English Breakfast tea and some freshly baked cupcakes. We had a lighting, thunder and wind storm last week. The nights are cold … Continue reading

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#DEATH AT SYCAMORE by Betty Rowlands

PEACE I recently found this author so I haven’t read very many of this series but those I have read those I have read are very good police procedurals. The 12th inste of Sukey Reynolds series has Sukey working with … Continue reading

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#BOTD – Osprey – OCTOBER 25, 2019

PEACE https://grannyshotit.photo.blog/2019/10/25/botd-october-25-2019-male-and-female-peacock/

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PEACE https://grannyshotit.photo.blog/2019/10/25/wwe-october-25-2019/ Pacific Ocean off the Oregon Coast

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PEACE  Deer feeding in  an apple orchard

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