MRS JEFFRIES Series by Emily Brightwell



A light relaxing read as Mrs Jeffries and household work to aid Inspector solve his murder cases. I have read most of them. Here are a few that I enjoyed.

January 26 MRS. JEFFRIES DEMANDS JUSTICE is being release.

BOOK # 28




Lady Cranberry is invited to the Canfield’s Summer Ball by Arlette Banfield. The Banfields were mortified when Lewis arrived her making Arlette the mistress of the mansion. Arlette is poison at the ball and Lady Cranberry and the Doctor prevent the scene from being disturbed. Lady Cranberry sends for Inspector Witherspoon to take the case. Witherspoon’s household is delighted to be exploring a murder again. Mrs Jefferies must find the answer preventing the Inspector from arresting the wrong person and a revenge murder. I read a large print edition from my library.

BOOK # 34



Inspector Witherspoon, Mrs Jefferies and his house are back solving mysteries. This one is a diff one to solve as the motive dates back to India. Three ladies went out to India to find husbands are back in England as widows. They are friendly rivals in an Orchid And Exotic Plant Society. They all want to win the BIS at the flower exhibit. The murder occurs behind a Conservatory of one of the ladies. The murder victim supped rare orchids to the women. Tension is supplied by an another lady who was in India at the same time but not really accepted as a member of the group. Mrs Jefferies must find an answer before the Inspector arrests the wrong person. I was dismayed to find all the editing errors and trusted they will be corrected. I am pleased to see a new book in the series Disclosure: I received a free copy from Berkeley Publishing Group through NetGalley for an honest review of the book. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions are my own.

BOOK # 33



Inspector Witherspoon is called to Highgate cemetery on a case. Once views the victim he realized why he was called. Mrs Jeffries and friends while delighted to have a murder case to solve are not sure they want to work this case. There are a number of twists and turns and the ending surprise me. This is one of the best books in the series..

BOOK # 19



Standing quietly outside his home and a girl follows Sir Edmonds Leggett wherever he goes.His engagement to Beatrice Parkington was just announced. On his way home from the party he is shotted 3 times dead. Inspector Witherspoon has the case. Mrs Jeffries and friends set to work help him solved the murder. There are many suspects beside the stalker to including the girl who doesn’t want to marry him and his mistress. The case takes many strange turns. The ending is a surprise.

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4 Responses to MRS JEFFRIES Series by Emily Brightwell

  1. These seem to be just the kind of books that I like to relax with.
    I have never heard of this author.
    I hope I can find these books in a local library or bookstore.

    • I am surprised that you haven’t heard of this series. I would suspect most libraries and used bookshops would have the latest one. The early books are probably out of print. I read many of the books from my library and brought a few ebooks. Good luck of finding them. They work okay as standalone what you miss the lives of the main characters.

  2. lghiggins says:

    I have added this series to my “want to read list.” I am hoping that my library has it. I have also discovered a used bookstore in my town that might be a good source.

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