# FOUR Authors I Enjoyed And WILL Read Again.


I have been reading some of my favorite authors. This is the list not necessary in chronological order. It is just as I thought of them.


Barbara Michael wrote paranormal and Victorian novels, later she wrote the Amelia Peabody plus two other series and some standalone mysteries under the name of Elizabeth Peters. I think I have read all of her books.

A: A paranormal and I have read many times and would read again. 

B:The first time I read it, I laugh and laugh. It is satire on romance.

C: A very good paranormal is the first book in a trilogy.

D: I felt this book dealing with Egypt during World War 1 D. Peters became a very good author. 

A                                                                            B

C                                                                        D

I have read this book many times. I especially like the ending. It is the fourth book in the Jacqueline Kirby series.


I love to read this author even through he started writing before I was born. He created Nero Wolf with Archie Goodwin as a sidekick. Inspector Cramer. Wolf had orchids and gourmet food. One of favorite all time book is the Doorbell Rang where Wolf takes on J. E Hoover and won.


About the same time this also was writing and I enjoyed them.


She is noted for a spy stories which I enjoyed. H. MacHines write in the 1950s. One of my favorite book is about the Cold War.


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7 Responses to # FOUR Authors I Enjoyed And WILL Read Again.

  1. I love the Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series! I always think the 1990’s movie’ The Mummy’ was very inspired by her writing as it has so many parallels with Peabody and Emerson. I’ve read some Barbara Michaels novels and didn’t realise they were the same author.
    I’ve read Ellery Queen but not Rex Stout. If you enjoy that era, you may enjoy the original The Saint novels by Leslie Charteris, and of course, Mary Stewart’s suspense novels like ‘Wildfire At Midnight’.
    Thanks for this. Classic suspense/adventure novels are always fun!

    • Peters has a book THE MUMMY CASE. IT is the 3rd one in the series.I am thinking about the Authors I read in high school and college for next week. Peters wrote some reports on archeology under her on name. The name escapes right now. Leslie Charteris is a new name for me. I have several of Mary Stewart’s books to re-read THE IVY TREE and NINE COACHES AWAITING both are favorite. 🍀☕🍵👵

      • Awesome! I liked THE IVY TREE and NINE COACHES WAITING is fun. I love AIRS ABOVE THE GROUND, too.
        I think I’ve read THE MUMMY CASE. It was set in England at the British Museum, if I remember correctly. I’ve still to finish the series, especially the later ones when Ramses is all grown up.
        I think you’ll enjoy Charteris a lot.
        Happy reading! And thanks again, for the recommendations. I’ll have to give Helen MacInnes a try again 😀

  2. Peters became a serious author with as she covers Ramus’s actions during the war. Enjoy your reading☕🍵 📚👵

  3. Dagny says:

    Count me in among the lovers of the Amelia Peabody series! Hooked on them from the beginning.

  4. lghiggins says:

    I took notes for my TBR. Based on the cover, I think I would like Over My Dead Body since I was a fencer in college. Interesting list of books, Betty.

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