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#ONE TASTE TOO MANY by Debra H. Goldstein

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! I almost didn’t request this book as it was the first in a new series and a new author for me. I am glad It decided to because of the cover showing a Siamese cat. I will … Continue reading

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#GOWN WITH THE WIND by Stephanie Blackmore

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! The fourth book of the Wedding Planner has enough excitement to keep you reading it. I especially like the Maine Coon on walking on the leash. Mallory Shepard is planning the wedding of Keith and Becca. The … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! The first book of a new series from an author I enjoy. It is an easy read and the writing flows smoothly. However, I never attached to the characters. I didn’t think much of the protagonist, Sadie … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! A couple of reprints from books written earlier for Valentine’s day. The first one is the VALENTINE CANDY Lucy Stone has accepted a job on the Library Board of Directors. At her first meeting, Lucy finds the … Continue reading

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#BOTCHED 4 MURDER by J. C. Eaton

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! It was with pleasure when I started the book and it did not disappoint. It contains funny scene as usual. The fourth book finds the residents of Sun City West in an uproar over the proposal of … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! Several years ago I read a few books of the 302 Grace Street mysteries and I was pleased to find a new book and the series again. This book finds PI David Randall looking for a number … Continue reading

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#FRACTURED TRUTH by Susan Furlong

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! I have not read, the first book but was able to understand the story without problems. It was easy to read and the description of the events are outstanding in detail. , ex-Marine Brynn Callahan and her … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! I like this series and got the the 5 books would be on sale through December. Book 1:  Murder Strikes a Pose:  $0.99 e-book, $7.99 paperback (Amazon only),  Book 2:  A Killer Retreat:  $1.99 e-book, $7.99 paperback (Amazon only) … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS!I have long been a fan of mysteries on Indian Resevations. This book is located on the Navajo Reservation. The series was started by Tony Hillerman and I havereadthem. After his death is daughter continued theoreticians the 5 book … Continue reading

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#HOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING  by Betty Hechtman

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! Tarzana Hookers are excited as the craft channel is planning on filming an on crochet event at the bookstore. Molly Pink welcomes Marianne and her caregiver, Gloria to the Hookers. Gloria is electrocuted walking over to the … Continue reading

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