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THE ACE OF SPADES By Dell Shannon/Elizabeth Linington

In the second book of the Luis Mendoza story, a body is found in the streets and the apparent cause is a drug overdose. As the homicide unit begins to look into the case, Luis is not sure. Alison’s car … Continue reading

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CASE PENDING By Dell Shannon/Elizabeth Linington

A police procedure that was written in 1960. The story is still good today. Be prepared to see The difference in The handling of the cases at that times. The characters are developed in depth and the reading flows smoothly. … Continue reading

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SAGE IT OUT by Shereen Vedam

The cover caught my attention and it says physic mystery romance. I found it a fast and easy read, I was engaged with the whole time, sometimes negatively. I felt the characters were shallow and all they had on their … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! This post is a post created by Megan Bookslayers @ I learned about from Susan @ My book today is INDIAN SUMMER by Marcia Willett A novel set among the peaceful filling hills of Devon, … Continue reading

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These books have been approved for me to read this fall   The is the latest book in the Downward Dog Stories. It Publication Date is January 8, 2018 and is published by Midnight Ink. I have read all of the … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS!     Welcome, come on in kitchen haze. The smoke is not too bad today. It has very over the week from almost none to the unhealthy stage. I am not sure how the fires that are … Continue reading

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FRIDAY’S FEATHERS August 11, 2017

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! I have always enjoyed was the magpie. The one in in Idaho are the black-billed species. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of them. On our travels, we encounter the yellow-billed specis. The species is endemic to … Continue reading

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HUNTING HOUR By Margaret Mizushima

An outstanding police procedure featuring K-9 dog, Robo and his handler, Deputy Mattie Cobb. The information on Robo’s training is educational and how a police department broaches a missing person is enlightening. This is the third book in the series … Continue reading

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The second book is the Zodiac series is intriguing and held my rates until the end. Julia Bonatti is a bridesmaid a friend, Geneva Leary’s wedding that has problems. A missing bridesmaid and the wedding planner collapsed at the reception. … Continue reading

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A historical World War One Novel. The background is set in Kent, England and aid stations and hospitals in France. The trains are delayed in Kent and Bess Crawford meets up with Mark Ashton whom she nurses in France. He … Continue reading

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