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SCARED STIFF By Annelise Ryan

I am addicted to Mattie Winston series. There is a lot of humor, romance and mystery skillfully woven together. Making the books great for a sunny day at the beach or a stormy day curled up before a fireplace.It is … Continue reading

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Christmas Doors

One nice custom that the pandemic might effect is decorating our doors at Christmas time. There several tress throughtout the complex which decorate.\

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WITH A VENGEANCE By Annette Dashoffy

Make sure you have plenty of time to read before starting this thriller as you won’t want to put it down. The action is on a fast track throughout the book. Zoe Chambers is still recovering from the fire at … Continue reading

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The fifth book of the garage sale series does not disappoint. Sarah Winston unable to sleep is working on school swap and secret auction.The lights go out and found herself locked in the storage room. Sarah hears strange noises in … Continue reading

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BOTD – Birds With Color

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Water, Water Everywhere – Scenic Views

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The Maggody series has long been a favorite of mine. I was delighted to find this ebook. It did not disappoint me, satire is first-rate.The main theme is the treatment of woman in the workplace. Jonna Mae Nookim is denoted … Continue reading

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The eleventh book in this entertaining and amusing series. Daisy’s fiancee Homicide Detective Sam Rotondo is on desk duty as he is recovering from the gun shot wound. He accompanied Daisy on her library run to fetch new books. While … Continue reading

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Penstemon Files – Pink, White and Yellow Flowers

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AX TO GRIND By Tonya Kappes

The third book in the Kenni Lowry series. Noted author, Beryle Stone has died and her estate is being sold and auction off in Cottonwood Kentucky. Kenni is asked to provide police protection for the estate. Beryle wrote a novel … Continue reading

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