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  • I am delighted to find a series with bird watching for a background. Bird watching has been a lifetime recreational pursuit of mine. I find the birding information precise and I will continue reading the series. However, I have been disappointed with the story. The writing does not flow smoothly making the reading difficult. I was unhappy with Any in this book, she would leave customers to action a thought, Any ‘s actions often out her in needless danger and there were at least 5 partial romances. Romances are not a favorite reading. I consider giving it only 3 stars but feel it is 3.5 stars so rounded it off to 4. Amy is awakened by a woodpecker early in the morning. Shining her binoculars she sees a person being thrown out of a window across Ruby’s lake. When the police investigate, no body is found and trashed is below the window. Amy feels foolish and is determined to prove there was a murder commit. Will Ruby succeed! I recommend this book and series.

  • Disclosure: I received a free copy from Lyrical Underground through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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THE RED QUEEN’S RUN By Bourne Morris

Think Positive

The Red Queen's Run by Bourne MorrisA delightful cozy mystery with twist of romance situated in Northwestern Nevada. The College of Journalism Dean is found at the foot of stairs DEAD. The death is considered suspicious. Meredith Solaris better known as "RED"  is appointed interim Dean. She taking over a department that has,many problems as teacher and student relationship, plagiarism and faculty tenure.  Red is starting a romance with a police inspector of the town.
The writing is great and flows smoothly. The characters are in depth and will relate with you. Red as the Dean with hard choices to make, the faculty who are fighting among themselves for various reasons. The student who is in trouble in her classes and sleeping with a professor. I highly recommend this book I

Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from HENERY PRESS through Netgalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to read and review this book. The opinions are my own.
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#JUDGE THEE NOT by Edith Maxwell

PEACE Think Positive

The fifth book in the Quaker Midwife mysteries covers  how people who have disabilities and different a lifestyle than the normal are treated.
We meet Jeanette Papka, a blind woman interpreting language for the court and learned her story. Bertie is being attacked for her life style and when the accuser is found murdered Bertie becomes the main suppect. The woman Rose is attending is Mrs Styles who is having twins. Rose can only hear one heart and the first baby is a girl. He brother comes out later. Frederick has asked Winnie to marry him. The date of Rose'swedding is set for ninth month in her family association. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Beyond The Page Publishing for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Happy New Year – 2022

Think Positive

GF cookies
GF foods

Hello, friends come inside as it is now up to 23 F./-5C. At 8:00 AM it was 4F. Like the rest of the world, our weather is odd. I lived in Idaho from 1930-1940, do not remember a winter like we have this past two weeks, the snow started December 4th and continue for three more days. Now an arctic cold waves his us in cold grips. It has been cold at this time of year and it breaks up sometime in January. We hit an ice storm when we went to the Portland Dog show.

The last months of 2021 were not very good for us. In September Bob needed to go to the hospital as his symptom was out of balance. Upstart he lost his memory, some of it has come. How much I don’t know. October 7 we enter up at Edgewood Assisted Living. We both struggled at first but Bob is beginning to adjust, I am still having problems adjusting. At first, the meals were full of wheat, and even after trying to adjust the meals were awful. My Celiac/gluten intolerance active up. I went 2 days of not eating. My body is full of hives and my arms very sore. My meals are now GF and the rash is slowly receding and I can eat some foods but I am slowly becoming a vegetarian as my meals are usually vegetables. The desserts are cake or cookies a couple of times we have sherbet or pudding.

My word for this year is Think Positive. I really need to do so.

My window blinds are open. I watch squirrels gather food even visiting the bird feeder. I can see the birds visiting the feeders but they are too far away to identify. I did think some were the dark-eye juncos but body else has reported them here. At one time I could identify birds and plants driving down a road. That’s how much My eyes have lost sight.

My favorite book in 2021 is STRIKING RANGE by Margaret Mizushima. I have been reading old friends that I read over the years They include Barbara Michaels, RexStout, Ngaio Marsh, Mrs. Jefferies, Faye Kellerman, and her husband Johnathan, AJ Jance, Patrica Wentworth, Elizabeth Gunn to name a few. I have read some excellent new series. There are many so I won’t name all any dog, cat series, or related to them, I will read at least a sample. Recent authors are Debbie Sennefelder, Daine Kelly has started a new series that I like. I read a book a day mostly mysteries and for my enjoyment. I did a review on everything I read for 5 years no longer writing a review and I reblogging some of them on this blog. Currently, I am reading Alyssa Maxwell Golden Age Newport mysteries. The book I finished last night is #4 MURDER AT BEECHWOOD. I am not sure what I will read for the first book of 2022. Good Reading in 2020.

Until next time.

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#MURDER AT CROSSWAYS by Alyssa Maxwell

PEACE Think Positive

Emma Cross when she sees the body is shock as at first thought it is Brady, her half-brother dead in the pool in 7th booking this historical story of Newport in the 1898. Closer examination shows it not Brady. His Father had disappeared in boating accident and presumed dead. Causeway is holding the last party before summer and the excitement is Prince Otto of Austria is stated appear and is a disappointment when didn't appear. The next morning he found dead in Causeway Garden. Emma is having trouble at the office of the Newport Messenger. A new problem keeps appearing that Emma needs to handle. Emma is also determined to find the name of the pool victim and who killed the both of the victims. Will She find answers to her questions? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Kensington Books for copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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The third edition has Colbie Summers involved in a college admission scandal. Colbie's Gourmet Cat Food is about to get a large order for her cat food. Colbie picks up a friend son from his music lesson and hears the teacher abuse the boy and reacts by interfering in the scene. Later his mother informs Colbie that she caused her son to lose a positive letter for entrance to the school of his choice. Colbie is very vocal about the scene she witnessed and tells Clancy about it who reacts negatively as his Granddaughter has the same music teacher. Later this music teacher is found MURDER and a gas leak blows up the home. Clancy becomes a person of interest. Colbie stats an investigation to find the 'prep' to save Clancy from prison. Is Clancy guilty or is it political harassment? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Lyrical Underground for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions are my own.
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MURDER IN MURRAY HILL By Victoria Thompson


Murder in Murray Hill (Gaslight Mystery, #16)

Each book I read of the Gaslight Mysteries keeps the series getting better. Frank is hiding the fact of his inheritance from the police as he does not want to lose his job. A Father wants to find his missing daughter; the case is given to Frank. He starts the investigation before the news of news wealth is released. He was fired from his job and another officer is assigned the case.

Maeve had written a letter to the lonely hearts ad. The new officer on the case doesn’t accept the action. So Frank and Sarah follow Maeve. I read this book in one sitting. I have other books in the series on hold at the library.

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#BETTER WATCH OUT by Christine Freeburn


The second book in the Merry and Bright handcrafting series, Merry is busy staging Season Greetings Christmas Parade. The Santa float is missing and when Merry located it she found

Jenna Wilcox’s DEAD body in Santa sleigh. Jenna had made a Naughty list of the residents and planned to display the list with the reasons on her float. This means there are enough residents to want her gone. The matter of Merry is a widow or a divorce along with the owner of the winning lottery ticket is in the court waiting for a judge to adjudicate it. From a rumor circulating around town, Merry heard that her ex-husband embezzled a large sum of money from the town and plan to pay back the sun with the lottery ticket. Merry begins to investigate to find who was responsible for the low of town’s funds.

I found the book with the Christmas scene overdone and began to feel Kerry’s character came off negative as she hurry to inform the sheriff of minor details. I recommend this book, especially for Christmas lovers.

Disclosure: Thanks to Henery Press for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed any own.

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HELLO Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas

Welcome come in there is Coffee or tea and GF goodies to share a chat. Christmas is here. We had an inch of snow last night and a 50% chance for tomorrow. The sun is shining right now. The temperature is hovering about 32F./0C. Driving anywhere in the mountains will be difficult.

The first Christmas we well spent in an Assisted Living place. I am not too independent to adjust easily to set to mealtimes and shower times. I can get my laundry okay. My meals have been Gf and I am getting the rash under control. I have lost most of the vision in my left eye. It was good to hear from my two half-sisters. and one of Kato’s friends.

Bob is well but how far he has recovered his memory is questionable. He has the tendency to drink too much coffee at mealtimes. We do have separate rooms.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a wonderful 2022 year from both of us.

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DEAD AS A DOORNAIL by Tonya Knappes


The fifth installment of the Kenni Lowry series just keeps on getting better. This is the best one yet. Kenni is the sheriff of a small town, Cottonwood, Kentucky. Whenever there is murder the ghost of the previous sheriff and Kenni’s grandfather becomes visible to her. The town is thrilled as the Mayor is getting married and his bride has the town in an uproar. Kenni is tricked into being the Maid of Honor.  Penny Lowell, a woman who has many enemies and writes negative reviews that are printed in the daily paper is found dead of an apparent heart attack. Poppy ghost shows up and Kenni knows it is murder. The twists and turns begin and it will surprise you. There are a couple of side themes to add spice to the tale. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and series.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Henery Press for a review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.

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