Welcome, come on in kitchen haze. The smoke is not too bad today. It has very over the week from almost none to the unhealthy stage. I am not sure how the fires that are burning are faring. Most most be under control as I have seen very little in the news. We are still hearing about the eclipse daily. Our library is supposed to have viewing glasses today. We hope to get a couple.



I have always like these pictures of the squirrel. He sure enjoyed the seed and came around for his meal as long as we’re park there. We got some good news this week. I think our caregiver problem might be solved. It will mean a lot of paper work. We went shopping yesterday for groceries and both were tired. I haven’t been doing much except reading.





A couple of sunsets and some cloud formations taking over our time here. I have always like the picture below. I not sure where it was taken. Probably, in the USA highway 395 in northeastern California.




I don’t have many ARC’S for the next couple of weeks and I have have been reading an old favorite series about Lt. Mendoza and the men of the homicide department of Los Angels. They were written by Dell Shannon aka Elizabeth Linington. The first one CASE PENDING was written in 1960 and it give a good idea about cigarettes and how people view Mexicans and blacks.


January 15

SAGE IT OUTย by Sherern Vadamm


CATS IN THE BELFRY by Patricia Fry

CASE PENDING by Dell Shannon

THE ACE OF SPADES by Dell Shannon

EXTRAย KILL by Dell Shannon


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FRIDAY’S FEATHERS August 11, 2017


I have always enjoyed was the magpie. The one in in Idaho are the

black-billed species. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of them. On our travels, we encounter the yellow-billed specis. The species is endemic to the central California area. They have not be disturb as much as the black-billed nappies and are friendly.


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HUNTING HOUR By Margaret Mizushima


An outstanding police procedure featuring K-9 dog, Robo and his handler, Deputy Mattie Cobb. The information on Robo’s training is educational and how a police department broaches a missing person is enlightening. This is the third book in the series and a new author for me. The story switches between Mattie and Robo with a veterinarian, Doctor Cole Walker. The sheriff officers all are well developed. The backstory intrigued me and I will be reading the previous books before too long.
Mattie and Robo are asked to find a missing teenager who did not return home from school. They follow normal procedures and when they find the girl she is dead. Robo’s activities are great as he continues to aid in the solution. Before the killer is found one of Cole Walker’s daughters is missing. The twists and turns this story will keep the pages moving. The use of how the K-9 dogs are used, in this case, is extremely informative. I highly recommend this book.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from Crooked Lane Books through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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The second book is the Zodiac series is intriguing and held my rates until the end. Julia Bonatti is a bridesmaid a friend, Geneva Leary’s wedding that has problems. A missing bridesmaid and the wedding planner collapsed at the reception. Not mention the death of the sister that evening by a family member. The family is in shocked and Geneva asked Julia to help with an affair. The astrological signs are negative but Julia feels she must help as Geneva was there for when her fiancee was killed in a hit and run. Julia investigation will put her in danger of losing her life. The ending will surprise. I highly recommend this book.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from Midnight Ink for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions expressed are my own.

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A historical World War One Novel. The background is set in Kent, England and aid stations and hospitals in France. The trains are delayed in Kent and Bess Crawford meets up with Mark Ashton whom she nurses in France. He invites to spend the night with the family. She learns that the gunpowder factory nearby had exploded and killed 100 men and many businesses and homes were damaged in the explosion. Almost every resident has lost a loved one in the disaster. Two years LIES are being circulated about Mark’s father, Philip Aston. The only person who witnessed is fighting in France and refused to testify to what that morning. Bess tried to find the witness in France. Is she successful?

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The eleventh book in this entertaining and amusing series. Daisy’s fiancee Homicide Detective Sam Rotondo is on desk duty as he is recovering from the gun shot wound. He accompanied Daisy on her library run to fetch new books. While there, they find a woman’s bloody body in the stacks. A worthy friend, Mr. Browning, of Daisy, is standing nearby holding a bloody knife. She decides to clear her friend and find him a wife. Her friend, Gladys wants to prevent the murder from becoming a scandal that will damage her husband’s reputation. Against Sam wishes Daisy will try to help her friends. I recommend this book and series.

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An easy and fast read with Rags and the Ivey family. Savannah and Margaret are relocating a colony of feral cats as the seminary they are staying is to be destroyed. The building is locked and the cats are outside. However, they find an open door and a family of all black cats in the building. The cats can disappear from sight in an instance. Rags is attacked by something and knocked unconscious. What is happening in the tower that is scaring them? Are all the strange events cause by the paranormal? I recommend this book and series.

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Welcome come inside, out the smoke filled air. We are under an orange air alert because of the fires burning near by. There are not and cold drinks and some delicious treats to choose . Let’s us sit by the window today. Our weather is still in 100ยฐFahrenheit. It will dropped to the nineties this coming week.


If we were having Coffee/tea, I would tell you that James J. Cudney IV feature my blog ย on yesterday. ย Thanks!

It has been awhile since I welcome my new followers. I do appreciate it. Also thanks to all who have been following me since I started this blog in 2014. ย I now have 595.



If we were having coffee/tea, I would tell My stress level is down as my problems are leveling out. I have been reading a lot. Bob was delighted when the owners of this complex selected him as A Person Who Helps Others Award. The News media has been printing daily a new article on the Eclipse. warming about looking directly at the sun during it. If buying glasses to be sure you get the correct ones. Hunting has been stopped in one area. Already some people are raising prices. A Eclipse Party is plan for here.

If we were having coffee/tea, I would tell you that we went out for breakfast this morning. I order a garden omelet and Bob had is biscuits and gravy. The cafe is always busy on the weekends. Than we stopped at ‘Fredys’ and got some groceries. I was going to get my haircut but I decided to wait for next week. I taken the time to work on my blog. I will try and join this to Diane’s Coffee Share tomorrow




Some of my must read authors have books being released later this month. I am looking forward to reading them.

CAT SHINING BRIGHTย by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

CATS IN THE BELFRYย by Patricia Fry


August 8

SPIRITS UNITED byย Aliceย Duncan

A PATTERN OF LIESย by Charles Todd


HUNTING HOURย by Margaret Mizushima


Have a pleasant week.

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FREE AUGUST 3 – 7 JUST ADD WATER by Jinx Schwartz

This is first book in the Hetta Coffey series. Hetta is an engineer and between jobs buys a boat and sails in Mexican Water. It is extremely funny and one of my favorite series.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Off Center



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