I received a notice from WordPress yesterday was the date I started my blog, five years ago. I had completely forgotten about it. I find I can’t copy the message.

Welcome to the new members who have joined recently and thanks to all have been WITH me from the beginning. I still rem the friend who attend the Universities for WordPress Blogs.

A lot has happened since I last wrote a GoodAfternoon blog.

My health continues to be poor but I am grateful that I can still read.

We have had a mild winter so far but the mountains have received a unusual load of snow. I noticed yesterday that a few of the flowering pear trees are getting ready to FLOWER. Our temperatures have reached the 60 F degrees that last few days.

A sunrise this week. The camera did not pick up the colors.

I wish all a great week and good health and I will leave you with a fall picture of the South fork of the Boise River.

Betty Louise

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#DOORS March, 2019



The door to our complex. Before too much longer this door will have an electric eye. This will make easy to enter and leave the building.

Doors are decorated for the holidays..This was our during one holidays.

The doors to the garages.

From my family records. I am not sure were this house was located  probably somewhere. near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Rocky Bar, Idaho My Grandfather Guay was shot to death in 1921.

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Today is  Wednesday and it time to share the week’s Reading. What are you reading? Comment to share. Thanks!

The 3 WWWS are

WHAT AM I READING? What hasn’t been said about the Lady Darby series. Keri and Gage are in Ireland to find the killer of nun.

A TIMELESS CELEBRATION a cozy mystery I like the synopsis.


This one fantastic, a great character delopement. I enjoy it. Completely different from the Gaslight series. I highly recommend it.

The third of this series. Liz Holt ex-boyfriend was murder and Liz is the main suspect.


The GAME OF BONES this one Sarah Booth mixes archeology. I am looking for it.

The next book in the Haunted Library series. This is a fun series.

A new author for me. Looking forward to reading DEATH COMES TO DARTMOOR.

I hope THUNDER ON THE RIGHT is one of my favorite Mary Stewart book.

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 #DOUBLE SCOTCH by Steven Henry


A fast-moving action and quick read that hold your attention throughout the book as Erin O’Reilly and Rolf are working to solve 2 cases in the fourth book of this series. This is a good police procedural showing the work of a K-9 dog.

Two men bodies are found in the rocks in New York’s harbor. The Special Crime Unit was called to investigate the death. The men have been tortured and killed education style. Erin is visiting the Corner Pub when bullets and an explosion occur. As the investigation continues Erin is told to look into the death of a young girl found in a locked room that looks like suicide. Is a serial killer at work? Rolf is able to pinpoint the smile of the perfume. Will Erin end up like this girl?

Meanwhile, members of the Special Crime Unit discover that the killer is probably a German wanted by Interpol. Again Rolf is able to show Erin where the killer is to be found. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND of for a fast easy read.

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#TOUCH NOT THE CAT By Mary Stewart


I have not read this book before, but as it is vintage Mary Stewart, it did not disappoint. The background is set at Ashley Court, entail estate located in England. Ashley Court is like so many others in England that no preservation group is willing to assume responsibility for it. A portion has been set aside allowing the public to tour the estate. The family quarters are let out to a wealthy American. The family lives in a small cottage on land that does not entail. Since an Ashley married a gipsy woman who was later burned at stake as a witch. Members of the family have inherited telepathy known as the ‘Ashley sight’. Bryony has the ‘sight’ and has been communicating with her ‘Lover’ since childhood. Her father has died and the estate has passed to her cousins. Emory needs to break the trust as he needs the money to save his business. Bryony’s father died in Spain and his death is a mystery. The book has numerous twists and turns to hold your attention. I found it difficult to put down. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

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#CITY OF LIES By Victoria Thompson


I am grateful to the Meridian Library for a copy. This is the first book in The Counterfeit Lady historical series. It takes in the 1900s at the time of when the USA is preparing to enter World War I and women were demanding to vote. The protagonist is fully developed and across with her views. The story is told from her viewpoint. The other characters need more development. The descriptions set you in the area.

Elizabeth is a grifter aka con man. She is working with a couple of gritters and they have relieved a from a man of a large sum and its collapses and she is running for her life. She managed to hide with a group of suffragist and went with them when arrested to jail. This group of suffrage was sent to a workhouse. Before she realized it cared about what happened. Will Elizabeth escaped the thugs after her? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

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The third book of the Farm to Fork series finds Angie and her restaurant staff helping to serve a meal at the River Vista mission. There, Annie and Hope, her trainer meet Daniel Monet, a visiting culinary instructor who is later found dead. Ian thought he recognized him under another name and leaves for England without telling Angie that he is going. Hope's fingerprints are found at the MURDER scene and she becomes a person of interest in the Monet's death. Sheriff Brown refuses to the Angie any information on his nephew, Ian and invited Angie to Sunday dinner at his home. The goat, and then that Angie adopted are still around and St. Bernard, Dom had almost reached his height and can reach items on the cabinets.
Felicity new boyfriend is running a homeless shelter in the area and expects her to be his assistant at all time causing problems at the County Seat restaurant.  Hope might be arrested if no other suspect is located. I highly recommend this book and series.
Recipes are included.
Disclosure: Thanks to Lyrical Underground for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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