Book Review: Who Moved My Goat Cheese? by Lynn Cahoon

A funny mystery which I enjoy very much

This Is My Truth Now

Who Moved My Goat Cheese? (Farm-to-Fork Mystery #1)Who Moved My Goat Cheese? by Lynn Cahoon
Who Moved My Goat Cheese? is the 1st book in the ‘Farm-to-Fork Mystery’ series written by Lynn Cahoon. The book was published a few years ago, but I finished another series by the author and wanted to start another one of her works. I have already ordered the 2nd one and plan to continue with the 3rd, as the 4th (and latest) will be published in December for New Year’s Eve.

I love food. I enjoy working farms. I like reading about murders (just reading, thank you). It sounded like a solid theme. Angie and her bestie have returned to Idaho from California. Angie’s grandmother recently passed away, and she wanted to start a new life. They’ve opened a new restaurant, which may struggle in the rural town… but Angie believes she can draw in a larger crowd from surrounding towns. In…

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#FOTD Penstemon newberry      SEPTEMBER 10, 2019


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https://grannyshotit.pho10, Pass from Yellowstone park into Wyoming state.

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The first book in a new series Misty Dawn, a well known psychic in the past. A friend Denise Throne convinces her to move into the house that Denise inherited from her recently decreased brother. When Misty moved she finds that owner Wilson Throne has not move on to the light and is still present. A young actress request Misty help because she feel her mansion is cursed. Misty agrees to check out the mansion and find a body. Misty needs to find answers to the questions in order to remove the curse


Disclosure: Thanks to Henery Press for a copy through Edelweiss. The opinions expressed are my own.

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#REMEMBERING THE DEAD by Elizabeth J. Duncan


A Penny Brannigan book will catch your attention from the beginning and will hold it until the end. The 10th installment will not disappoint you as Penny searches for the killer of a server at a formal dinner to celebrate the 1O0th year anniversary the end of World War One. A chair was given to poet, Hedd Wyn and it important as a piece of Welsh history will make an appearance. It is known as the Black Chair.
Penny is the event chairman and is upset at the dinner when the Black Chair has disappeared. She is more upset when she finds one of her wait staff dead just outside the mansion. She vows to find the killer and justice for the boy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.

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#JUDGE THEE NOT by Edith Maxwell


The fifth book in the Quaker Midwife mysteries covers  how people who have disabilities and different a lifestyle than the normal are treated.
We meet Jeanette Papka, a blind woman interpreting language for the court and learned her story. Bertie is being attacked for her life style and when the accuser is found murdered Bertie becomes the main suppect. The woman Rose is attending is Mrs Styles who is having twins. Rose can only hear one heart and the first baby is a girl. He brother comes out later. Frederick has asked Winnie to marry him. The date of Rose'swedding is set for ninth month in her family association. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Beyond The Page Publishing for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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#BURIED IN THE STACKS by Allison Brook


Curl up and relax with the 3rd book of The Haunted Library series. I found it relaxing and enjoyable for an evening reading.
Carrie Singleton life was going great when she accepted the position Sunshine Spokesperson her first duty was to visit her nemesis, Dorothy in the hospital. Dorothy informs her that her husband pushed her down on the ice and wants to kill her and later denies he said it. The ghostly presence, Evelyn wants Carrie to find out what is occurring with her niece. 
Carrie stumbles over a dead body at the library entrance. It turns out to be Dorothy and she died in the same way that Evelyn series several years ago. 
Meanwhile, it is winter and the homeless are coming into the library during the day and there are problems between the homeless and library patrons. The police are several times to handle the situation. Carrie joins a volunteer program Haven House, to provide shelter for the homeless during the day.
Carrie needs to find answers about Dorothy's death and is Haven House a scam. Carrie receives a message that they catnapped Smoky Joe. She is shaken up when no one can find Smoky. Has she been catnaped? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

Disclosure: Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for a copy through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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