Assisted Living June 1

Think Positive!

Betty &Georgia Blue, one of my sisters
Salton sea

Good afternoon it has been a long weekend. We have been in a lockdown and don’t know how much longer it will last. The sun is outshining with temp.76F with a high of 81F

I woke with no desire to do anything. An exciting day. I had two trips outside today. Gorceries came today. Anne is sending a Squierl feeder and we can now put up bird feeders.

Our meals have been brought to our rooms. Last weekend the wheat foods showed up again.

Nicole took me around the area. There is patch Yello and blue iris inside iris is a small patch of allium plants aks onions. I hope to have pictures later.

Amy took me on a tour of porch gardens Blue iris are blooming throughout the area. Blue spiderwort is in the blooming front of a large patch of blue iris.

I have been able to access my pictures on Amazon.

Trumpeter Swans
Lupines growing on Camas Praire
Grown from seed by Betty. A native Washingto State native lupine
Family reunion on Fall Creek

Goodnight to all and have a quiet evening.

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What I Am Looking For Today?

Think Positive!

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PEACE Think Positive!

The fourth book of the Aurora Anderson series finds Halloween near when Rory Anderson receives a letter from Beyond the Grave that tells her if she received this letter her friend, Zelena was either missing or dead. Rory feels she must investigate the letter as her friend wants Rory to find out what happened to her. Rory and her best friend Liz Decker begin to look into the matter. They were busy getting ready for their annual boutique house. Pranks are occurring that is causing trouble threw out the area. Who is responsible for the pranks? Is Zelena dead? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND SERIES.

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Assisted Living May 31

Think Positive!

Good afternoon It is cloudy and has a temperature of 65F and a warming trend.

We have been told to stay in our room and box trays have been brought to our room. Last night was okay but no morning tray. Lunch a salad cold tray. I was making my bed, back turned the door I had started that I would have fallen. Next, to happen I was making hot tea and someone darkened so I had no vision. It is a wonder no one was scalded. I just offered a bag of potato chips.


The tray just arrived. It noodles on a tray and hard roll and corn a piece of chocolate cake. He asked if I want chicken and rice, I got my tea and someone placed a cup of ice tea I had two cups that could knock over. The box that had been cold probably served to the others.

Good night and a stress-free evening.

Looking at the Sawtooth mountains
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Today I Am Looking For A Mixture

Think Positive!

Northern Flicker
Fall Creek, Idaho
Doe At Fort Running Bear
Walnut Canyon – New Mexico
Thanks, Party For Robert
Grand Canyon
Mint Family
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CAT COMING HOME By Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Think Positive!

A series of home invasions are occurring in Molena Point. There are no clues, as to who is doing it. Two to four men break into a home where there is a lone woman and beat her up and destroy the house. Someone is trying to hurt the MPPD and Max Harper. Joe and Dulcie are watching Ryan add a quilting room for a newcomer, Maudie, and Grandson Bennie who recovering from a drive-by shooting near Los Angeles.

The cat realizes there is a strange Tom Cat around but Joe and Dulcie are not interested as long as he is not bothering them. Kit sees a performance cat in the distance and hopes it is a mate. She is disappointed when she finally sees him. He is old and tells her he is returning to where was a kitten. Misto helps them gather the information to stop the home invasions. All these plots are brought together skillfully for another outstanding story.

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Assisted Living May 30

Think Positive!

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Today I A Looking For Rivers, Waterfalls, And Oceans

Think Positive!

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Think Positive!

Desert Lost by Betty Webb

I have read most of the Lena Jones series and found them educational about Polygamy. The stories are set mostly in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lena is watching and storage area for trespassers when she finds a woman’s body dumped near it. She doesn’t recognize her but sees clues to lead her to feel she was a polygamist. She is dismayed to realize that a fraction of Arizona’s polygamy has been set up in Scottsdale. She is reunited with her favorite mother and more about her life is revealed. I look forward to reading the rest of the books. This is a favorite.

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Today is Memorial Day I am Looking For Flowers

Think Positive!

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