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#THE TALE TELLER By Anne Hillerman 

PEACE The fifth book we find that Joe Leaphorn has been hired to find the donor of an anonymous gift to the Navajo Nation. Unfortunately, the most costly item is a bill, a dress worn on the long walk of … Continue reading

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I have now read 3 of these books, two hardback large print from my library. I have enjoy reading about Chet’s endeavours and often smile at his Chet’s comments. I remove one star as the characters have not grown. It … Continue reading

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DOG ON IT By Spencer Quinn

The is the first book in the Chet and Bernie Series. I enjoyed reading the story from Chet point of view. This we find Bernie taking a case of a missing teenager. Chet version of the action is fun. I … Continue reading

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ROCK WITH WINGS By Anne Hillerman

I enjoyed reading about the Navajo police and culture especially those books that feature Jim Chee, Bernie Manuelito and Joe Leaphorn. This book did not disappointed The characters have grown and been fleshed out. Bernie and Jim marriage is developing … Continue reading

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This book features Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee and Bernie Manuelito as they worked the same cases from different aspects.. As usual these are blessed together to make one story. Joe is asked to locate a woman who has been missing … Continue reading

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THE SINISTER PIG By Tony Hillerman

Not one of the best of Hillerman’s Navajo series. Bernie is now in U.S. Border Patrol. On the job she unknowingly caught the attention of drug dealers. They feel she is undercover for Navajo Police and decided to kill her. … Continue reading

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