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MISSING AND ENDANGERED Released date February 16 THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! J.A. Jance has written an admirable book covering several social problems. You have the feelings of several parties as the sheriff’s deputies, the victim, and the villain. It handles memories, … Continue reading

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#DIGGING UP HISTORY By Sheila Connolly

PEACE I have been a fan of Sheila Connolly since I read her first Orchard book in paperback. Since my eyesight is such that I cannot even read the large printed books. I still have the first six paperbacks so … Continue reading

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The saltmarshes off the coast of Norfolk yield a group of bones and Chief Inspector Harry Nelson asked Dr. Ruth Galloway, a bone specialist to scrutinize them. He wants to know if they could belong to Lucy, a young girl … Continue reading

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CHAINED By Eileen Brady

I was delighted to find the third book of Kate Turner’s experiences as a veterinarian. The exploits are Smithsonian often funny. I especially liked the pig wedding. The Alaskan malamute that found the bones was of special interest. The bones … Continue reading

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A first time reading this author and found a cozy mystery set in Germany. I found characters well developed and attractive but still different from the norm. The writing at times was jerking g and hard to follow. I will … Continue reading

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Maddie Culter returns home to open her Designer Shop in Mystick Falls. There is series of breakends and people are leaving clothes at the door of the shop. Maddie put on a cape and has visions of falling in a … Continue reading

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BARE BONES By Kathy Reichs

Tempe accepting an invitation daughter, Katy to a barbecue Tempe takes her dog Boyd. Playing with the children Boyd find garbage bags of decaying flesh that prove to be mostly bear. Tempe is looking for the Mother of bones of … Continue reading

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BREAK NO BONES By Kathy Reichs

Tempe is again examining skeletons in Charleston for a the coroner who is a friend. Emma is ill and can’t handle the job. The first body was found at a archeology dig; it is a fresh body. The next body … Continue reading

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DEVIL BONES By Kathy Reichs

A horrific discovery in a sealed basement of a cauldron full of strange object including a human skull and leg bones. Temperance is called to identify the skull . A headless body is found near a lake. A local politician … Continue reading

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