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SPOOKY SWEETS By Connie Shelton

I was enthralled to find a new books Sweet Sweets series and it did not disappoint me. A light and relaxing paranormal read. Samantha bakery shop is growing and a new commercial customer with standing orders has made the existing … Continue reading

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Ghost and more Ghosts are found in this book along with a lot of suspense. If you like ghosts and suspense, this is a book for you. Stains her better judgment M J Holliday headed for San Francisco to take … Continue reading

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#FINAL EXAM by Carol J. Perry

​PEACE BE KIND The eight book in the witches city series finds Lee Barrett and Francine tracking the field of grasses and other weeds to an old quarry as they have a tip of Police activity at the quarry. They … Continue reading

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My library surprised me with notification that an e-copy was available. I enjoyed a visit with Aunt Dimity and Lori, her family and the Village of Finch. Newcomers bring a metal detector to the village. It is now a major … Continue reading

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AX TO GRIND By Tonya Kappes

The third book in the Kenni Lowry series. Noted author, Beryle Stone has died and her estate is being sold and auction off in Cottonwood Kentucky. Kenni is asked to provide police protection for the estate. Beryle wrote a novel … Continue reading

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#A TWIST IN A TAIL by Leighann Dobbs

PEACE The first book in the Oyster Cove Guesthouse is a light and an entering read. This a good book to curl up before a fire to read for relaxation. Josie Waters has used her savings to purchase the Guesthouse … Continue reading

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#GAME OF BONES by Carolyn Hines

PEACE I have been reading about Sarah Booth Delaney over the years. In the early years, I often didn’t find the books in the stores, shop. I hope to remedy that in the near future. The 20th book in the … Continue reading

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# DEAD LETTERS By Sheila Connelly

PEACE A novella set just before FIRE ENGINE DEAD. Nell Pratt is asked to see an elderly gentleman who has never been to the Museum at his home. He asked Nell to search them for any information of m on … Continue reading

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PEACE I have read most of this of the Southern Ghost Hunter series and like them, but for some reason, I didn’t really understand the ghost characters, I found them almost all negative. Verity Long is still trying to undo … Continue reading

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#CAT CHASE THE MOON By Shirley Rousseau Murphy

PEACE I have read all the books in the Joe Grey series and the 21st book was a reunion with old friends and some new ones. If I have a problem with reading, a Joe Grey book helps me to … Continue reading

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