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A cozy mystery that is a funny and a superb read yet it deals with a major social problem. The first portion had me laughing at the antics. This is the fifth book in the series and I have been … Continue reading

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FALSE ALARM By Veronica Heley

The series takes a slightly different direction dropping the actions of the villain and focusing on a single problem. It is set in London featuring the upper middle class and their difficulties. The characters are all well developed and have … Continue reading

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FALSE DIAMOND By Veronica Heley

This book features what happens when there is domestic abuse. How it efforts those around the abuser and victim. Holland Industry is still trying to get Bea to merge her Domestic Business with their trading academy. Bea doesn’t trust the … Continue reading

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THE BALLOON MAN By Charlotte Armstrong

I have always enjoyed Charlotte Armstrong ‘s books. I read as many as I could find in the 1970’s. The conditions concerning domestic abuse that were in play at that period are correct. In the minds of the police and … Continue reading

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This book cover topics that most to not like to think about. Betty Webb has written an excellent story she covers these topics from the victim ‘s standpoint. When Lena Jones was in the foster program she was raped repeatedly … Continue reading

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TELL ME NO LIES By Lynn Chandler Willis

A new author for me and it is a WINNER. The story caught my attention at once. The author first teases with a back story and gradually filled in the answers holding your attention throughout the book. The characters were … Continue reading

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SHADES OF WRATH By Karen Rose Smith

Caprice De Luca has an appointment to meet Wendy Newcomb, the head of Kismet’s Woman Shelter. Arriving at the shelter Caprice at the shelter the police are present as Wendy has been murder. Caprice becomes involved as there are several … Continue reading

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