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#COLD OPEN by Patricia McLinn

 Spring is arriving in Sherman and E. M. Danniher has decided to stay and her marriage has ended. Elizabeth flies to Washington DC to meet her ex to settle all remaining the issues left. She has been looking at several … Continue reading

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#BACK STORY By Patricia McLinn

 The sixth book of this series finds Elizabeth and friends looking into a death that happened 26 years ago. Dean Isaacs, the boyfriend of the daughter, Laura Roy of a house was convicted of killing the housekeeper. The daughter than … Continue reading

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#LOOK LIVE By Patricia McLinn

PEACE A trip to Yellowstone National Park Elizabeth, Mike and Wardell Yardley begins the Fifth installment of this series. There a meet a group of popular internet service that has been sent by their company on a working seminar. There … Continue reading

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#LAST DITCH By Patricia McMinn

PEACE The characters of this series keep bringing me back. As I finished the book I still want to know what Elizabeth aka D. H. Danniher, Mike, Diane, Tom, Penny and Shadow next and Amazon makes it easy to read … Continue reading

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LEFT HANGING By Patricia McLinn

PEACE I was attracted to the Caught DEAD in Wyoming series because of the characters and as I finished one book I wanted to know what characters would do in the next installment of the series. Each book involves a … Continue reading

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#FINAL CYCLE by Elaine Orr

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! The second book of the Logland series is a police procedural. Louella Belle, a retired senior citizen is found dead in a dryer of the local laundromat. There are no clues as to how Louella was placed … Continue reading

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#SIGN OFF by Patricia McLinn

POSITIVE POSITIVE! HUGS! Looking at book covers I saw Patricia McMinn Wyoming series and decided to read it. I have been to several places in the state and I liked  Is the deputy the synopsis. I read it and did … Continue reading

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CITY OF SECRETS by Victoria Thompson

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! This is the first book I have read in the Counterfeit Lady series. If you are expecting a story like the Gas House Mysteries you will be disappointed. This story is more like a very good novel … Continue reading

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THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! The first in new series set 1938, Elizabeth Adams accept a job on the Daily Trumpet as a girl Friday. She plans on working her to bring a staff photographer. One day Ralph Kandinsky needed a protractor … Continue reading

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Elaine Orr’s book have always been a relaxing and entertaining tale and this one did not disappoint. I found a pleasing police procedural set in a small college town named Logland. The names of the Sweathog Agricultural College reminds me … Continue reading

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