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#THE BOOK SUPREMACY by Kate Carlisle

PEACE BE KIND Think Positive! I have been a fan of the Bibliophile series since I read the first book several years ago and the 13th installment is as good as the first one. Derek and Brooklyn are spending the … Continue reading

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PEACE Think Positive! The seventh book of the Fixer-upper series find Shannon Hammer working her largest project for Raphael Nash, an billionaire who has purchased a large piece land in Lighthouse Cove. She is restoring the house for Marigold, his … Continue reading

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An exuberant and exciting visit with Brooklyn and Derek who have returned to their remodel home. The Coventon Library is holding an open house to open an exhibit on Audubon’s BIRDS OF AMERICA. There Brooklyn is handed two special books … Continue reading

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ONCE UPON A SPIN By Kate Carlisle

The latest in the Bibliophile series and is a favorite of mine. I have been fortunate to have read all the books in this series. I followed all of Brooklyn ‘s adventures and thoroughly enjoyed them. This one does not … Continue reading

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A WENCH IN THE WORKS by Kate Carlisle

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! I have read all the books by this author and like them very much. This book # 6 in the Fix-Up series and it does not disappoint. Shannon Hammer is very pleased her Chloe will be back … Continue reading

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BURIED IN BOOKS  by Kate Carlisle

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! Plans for Brooklyn Wainwright to Derek Stone are completed and her bags are packed for the honeymoon. Derek’s family has arrived for the affair and are staying in Dharm with Brooklyn’s family. She decided to attend a … Continue reading

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The Victorian Home And Garden Show is a month away from and all the owners of the homes want a revocation on their home. Shannon Hammer is busy enough to hire another skilled carpenter to work on a repairing damaged … Continue reading

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I am now updated on the is wonderful well researched Bibliophile series and have learned a lot about the history of books and bookbinding. Books have been my friends most of life, this series has made value them even more. … Continue reading

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