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#A LEGACY OF MURDER by Connie Berry

PEACE Kate Hamilton is visiting the English town of Long Barston for the Christmas Holidays were her daughter Christine is interning at Frinchly Hall, a building originating from medieval times. Kate is planning on spending time with her boyfriend, DI … Continue reading

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PEACE The second book of the Victorian Mysteries series is an outstanding history of the town of Asheboro, Maryland, it’s library and Henry Barton’s factory. Kate Hamilton is attempting to move ahead with the plans to turn Asheboro back to … Continue reading

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#A DREAM OF DEATH By Connie Berry

PEACE A new author and the first book of the Kate Hamilton series. Kate receives a call from Eleanor, her sister-in-law that she needs help. Kate flies to Glenroth, Ireland to help her. The trip brings back her grief for … Continue reading

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#ROSE COTTAGE By Mary Stewart

PEACE I read Mary Stewart’s books years ago and would look for them as soon as they were published. A while ago the books came out in e-books and I want to read them again. I found two that I … Continue reading

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#HOT FUDGE SUNDAE by Cynthia Baxter

PEACE Published January 29, 2019 I am one of those usual persons who doesn’t really like ice cream. I enjoyed the history of ice cream found at the beginning of each chapter. I felt that too much emphasis on the … Continue reading

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PEACE The tenth book of the Downward Dog series does not disappoint. Kate Davidson has a few problems to handle. A cutthroat outfit is starting a new Yoga studio with lower rates just Kate needs a lot of money for … Continue reading

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PENNED  by Eileen Brady

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS!  Fall is slowly turning into winter and Kate has settled into the daily activities of the clinic and her animal friends. The twins have added a goat to their animals and is pregnant with triplets. At this … Continue reading

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It has been awhile since I read a book by this author and I always enjoyed her writing. The overwhelming reaction, I had when I finished that was an amusing and a relaxing read. I am not a fan of … Continue reading

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An angry and frustrated Kate Davidson and friends arrived in Canyon Beach, Oregon to help Kate’s boyfriend Michael to get a divorce from his wife, Gabrielle. He married her before he met Kate to help her stay in the United … Continue reading

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FATAL TWIST By Tracy Weber

This is one of the best books I have read recently. The Downward Dog mysteries are more developed with each book. There information on the birth of and child and animal care. The information on the different techniques of childbearing … Continue reading

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