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#THE STONE CIRCLE by Elly Griffiths

PEACE BE KIND It is a pleasure to read a Ruth Galloway book to catch up on what is happening with Ruth and her friends, the 11th book did not disappoint. A cold case reemergence as bones is found in … Continue reading

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#THE JANUS STONE By Elly Griffiths

PEACE I have been wanting to read the Ruth Galloway series in order for some time. I am delighted that my library has the books. The Janis Stone is the second book in the series. Ruth is called to a … Continue reading

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#THE HOUSE AT SEA’S END By Elly Griffiths

PEACE Thanks to the Meridian library for my copy. The third book in the Ruth Galloway series  take place 1940 and the fear of Germany invading England.  Ruth has returned to work after the birth of her daughter. Ruth is … Continue reading

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The saltmarshes off the coast of Norfolk yield a group of bones and Chief Inspector Harry Nelson asked Dr. Ruth Galloway, a bone specialist to scrutinize them. He wants to know if they could belong to Lucy, a young girl … Continue reading

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CLOCKS AND DAGGER By Julianne Holmes

Ruth Clagan has invited us into her shop, Cog and Sprocket to see the awesome display of clocks. There every kind of clocks from many places. On the hour a display of musical tones can be heard throughout the building.Displays … Continue reading

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