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#DIGGING UP HISTORY By Sheila Connolly

PEACE I have been a fan of Sheila Connolly since I read her first Orchard book in paperback. Since my eyesight is such that I cannot even read the large printed books. I still have the first six paperbacks so … Continue reading

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# DEAD LETTERS By Sheila Connelly

PEACE A novella set just before FIRE ENGINE DEAD. Nell Pratt is asked to see an elderly gentleman who has never been to the Museum at his home. He asked Nell to search them for any information of m on … Continue reading

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#THE LOST TRAVELER by Sheila Connolly

PEACE In the 7th book of the County, Cork mysteries finds Maura Donavan discovering a body in the Leap Ravine that is adjacent to Sullivan. No one recognizes the man and business slows down. Maura needs to answers to protect … Continue reading

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#TIED UP WITH A BOW by Sheila Connolly

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! A feel-good Christmas novella in the Cork County series. Maura is still learning about the customs one area. She is surprised she An item being built on the street opposite of Donovan Pub. Maura finds a young … Continue reading

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MURDER AT THE MANSION by Shelia Connolly

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS! I have enjoyed everything thing I read by Sheila Connolly and the first book of the Victoria Village Mystery did not disappoint. The characters are developed and the area will place right there. You could feel the … Continue reading

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DEAD END STREET By Shelia Connolly

Nell Pratt learns that Society owns a dilapidated row house in distress neighborhood. She goes with two reclamation workers to see the property and is involved in a drive-by-shooting. The Society is offered an anti-bellum home with an endowment to … Continue reading

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A TURN FOR THE BAD By Sheila Connolly

  This series continues to be delightful as Maura continues to learn about Irish customs when a dairyman Disappears while taking his 3-year-old son on a walk on a nearby beach.Sullivans becomes the to place for people to get information … Continue reading

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WATCH FOR THE DEAD By Shelia Connolly

This is the fourth book in this series and the best one so far. Abby and Ned are now living together in Ned’s Victorian house. Leslie has asked that they watch Ellie for a few days. Ned arranges for Abby and … Continue reading

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