Nov 8  - spider, rabbit bush, pect 011

The first spider was taken from a doorway in Idaho. The nex one is a tarantula found in the road in Nevada. Spiders are our friends as most eat insects that are harmful including the tarantula.

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  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Great entry. 😀

  2. They are our friends, but I’d still rather they keep away from me.


    • Even the harmful ones like the black widow and brown recluse and the aggressive house spider eat insects. I just moved them out of the way. The aggressive house spider kill it as they moved into your home in the winter.

  3. Yea Spiders! I have a nice collection…of spider photos 😀
    Great images!

  4. I cannot unsee this spider now! yikes

    • Sorry about you don’t need to worry about them as the tarantula is found in the Southwest Americans. A favorite past time os some is to scare others with a harmless spider.

  5. Amy Reese says:

    That first spider looks freaky! I know they are our friends. I have to remember that!

  6. Lynne Ayers says:

    I don’t like spiders but that top one is fascinating.

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