FALSE CHARITY By Veronica Heley


This is the first book of the Abbott Agency series. The characters capture my attention in FALSE FIRE that I wanted to know more about them. I will read the series as time allows. In this book, Bea Abbott is returning to her London home after the death of her husband. Still working through her grief and tired from the long journey she longs for peace and quiet. However, Bea found a surprise Welcome Home Party hosted by her son, Max and his wife, Nicole. Max has been elected to House of Commons and plans on shutting down the Agency and moving into her house. The Abbott Agency is well known for solving domestic crises. Bea finds that Max has hired one teenager to run the Agency. Maggie has no office skills so her boyfriend, Oliver does her work and she lets him live in the rooms at the top of the house.
The phone and doorbell are ringing constantly. Bea must solve several problems before she can find peace and quiet. Her first husband and Max’s Father, Piers shows up and informs her that her husband asked to help her. An old friend, Choral tells Bea she lost money doing work for a charity and the check bounce, not once but twice. Max recommended the client. Bea feels she must help her. Her investigation turns up many abnormalities and appears that it is an enormous scam. Bea sets out to stop the scam and return the money to those too off. Will she succeed? I highly recommend this book.

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