Schlumbergera culivator


This genus of six species, native to the coastal mountains southeastern Brazil. In its  native habitat it blooms in May. It been cultivation since the mid 1800s. There are many culivators. The common name may vary as it depends on the country and when it blooms usually near a holiday. Names often associated with the plant are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Holiday and crab cacti.  The flowers can be found in many colors. Buy your plant when in bloom to be sure of the color.

Cacti are also known by Zgyocactus .

The picture plants belong  to a relative and I took a cutting from last year. My plants are from those plants. I hope for bloom this year.


The plants are place in a southeastern window that gets light in the afternoon from the west. I have water them weekly and I constant feed. The window window received the outside temperature. The plants were allow to dry out for a short while. Watering has been resumed. I am hoping for bloom this year.

Cutting were made from the parent plants. The cuttings were about 4 inches long and had at least two joints. They were allow to dry overnight and than place in a small amount of moist potting soil. No extra water given until I saw new growth.

Constant Feed Method: 1\ 4 teaspoon per gallon of water. Allow a couple of hours to pass before used. Use water to water your plants.


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5 Responses to CHRISTMAS CACTI – OCTOBER 2017

  1. DailyMusings says:

    they look like they are doing beautifully- so pretty!

  2. iArtichokeu says:

    Gorgeous! I’m very impressed! I love the white blooms. Looks like something you would see at a wedding.

  3. iArtichokeu says:

    Same! They look so peaceful

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