I’LL FIND YOU By Nancy Bush


I'll Find You

An outstanding suspense mystery. The descriptions are crisp and the characters catch your attention at once. It has two locations one in the Martinique and the other in Los Angeles. Callie Cantfield is often mistaken for Thersa Laughlin. She is Martinique to recover from the accident that killed her husband and son. She was injured in it. Callie is accosted by West Laughin as he thinks she is Thersa. He is looking for his nephew, Tucker. Callie has met a young boy named Tucker and has become concern for his welfare. Meanwhile back in Los Angeles we meet Andre and his handmaidens There twist and turns as these elements are weave together into one story. They keep the story moving and it is difficult to stop reading until the end. The ending will surprise you; it did me. I like Nancy Bush very much and looks for more of her stories.

Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from Kingington Books through NetGalley for an honest review.

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2 Responses to I’LL FIND YOU By Nancy Bush

  1. lghiggins says:

    What a twisty story. It would be frustrating to be confused with someone else.

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