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MANY A TWIST By Shelia Connolly

Maura Donavan stare at the woman in shock. Did she hear correctly? The woman said, “I’m your Mother.” She hadn’t seen her Mother since she was 2 years old. Maura feelings were mixed. They were sitting in the Gardai station … Continue reading

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CRUEL WINTER By Sheila Connolly

Maura Donavan and friends are snow bound at Sullivan Pub. They have warmth and food. Among the group is Diane Caldwell, she is not accepted by the patrons. Maura wonders why and soon learns that Diane is the major suspect … Continue reading

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A TURN FOR THE BAD By Sheila Connolly

  This series continues to be delightful as Maura continues to learn about Irish customs when a dairyman Disappears while taking his 3-year-old son on a walk on a nearby beach.Sullivans becomes the to place for people to get information … Continue reading

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