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OPEN AND SHUT By David Rosenfelt

The first book in the Andy Carpenter series. I learned a lot of the background that I wonder about as I have been the series out of order. After his father’s death Andy finds a picture with his father and … Continue reading

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RESCUED BY David Rosenfelt

THINK POSITIVE! HUGS!  MY REVIEW I was delighted when I received the notice from  the Meridian Library that David Rosenfelt’s RECUSED was on my self. My thanks to the library and Overdrive. I went and downloaded it. I read it … Continue reading

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This book is a new undertaking for Clea Simon as she moves into the underworld of Rock and Roll music twenty years ago. The MC, Tara was accepted there but was really on the outside. Tara went for the music … Continue reading

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COLLARED By David Rosenfelt

The last Andy Carpenter book is one of his best. A border collie is left at the Tara Foundation. A scam reveals that this is the dog that was stolen when a baby was kidnapped a few years ago. A … Continue reading

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DEAD CENTER By David Rosenfelt

    Andy and Tara are distressed as Laurie has moved to Wisconsin. Some time later Laurie asks Andy to come and consult on a case she feels person arrested is not guilty. Andy runs into a town who religious … Continue reading

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FIRST DEGREE By David Rosenfelt

Andy Carpenter and friends are recovering from the success of winning Willie Miller his freedom. Andy and Tara are relaxing as he is considering is options. Willie rec a financial settlement for wrongful imprison Andy and Willie start the Tara … Continue reading

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HOUNDED By David Rosenfelt

An easy read and light mystery with Andy and Tara. Of course Laurie is there. Sam calls Andy and Laurie to come to the scene of a murder. He asks them to take care of an eight year old boy … Continue reading

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BURIED THE LEAD By David Rosenfelt

I am slowly reading the Andy Carpenter books as I like the humor and easy read. Andy loves for dogs is shown throughout the series. I like his feelings about working. Marcus is an interesting character as all of them. … Continue reading

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PLAY DEAD By David Rosenfelt

Andy Carpenter is visiting an animal shelter to pick up dogs for his foundation when he learns of Golden Retriever, Yogi on death row. He comes up with creative defense and saves the Yogi. Later he learns the dog is … Continue reading

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LEADER OF THE PACK By David Rosenfelt

Andy Carpenter visits those clients in prison when looses their case. He always felt Joey Desimone was innocent and found guilty of two murders because was a son of a mob boss. Laurie has Andy and Tara doing therapy. On … Continue reading

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